For those of you interested in Design Reference Twenty-One Castle Mike, Thin Film Electromagnetic Tokamak Fusion (TFET), and human space flight, fyi, it is part of a larger Design Reference called Echo India One which includes some key technological innovations in space transportation, including flight to LEO, fission auxiliary power and fusion rocketry. I had mentioned but not disclosed this stuff on my website before but I am told now that I would be advised to remove it until the consortium investing in these innovations decides to make an announcement. While I know it’s cliché, all three areas are revolutionary technological leaps and the consortium is backing that belief with billions of dollars (and no, we’re not cranks). And there’s still time to get a stake in it. If you’re interested in investing, please email my sister (who is working with “angels”) at This work originated with a man who designed thermonuclear weapons for USG for many years. If you are just interested in knowing more about the technology you can email me at

History is being made.


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