Novus Ordo Seclorum

Welcome to my Internet resource on the Means and Methods of Mass Deconversion and Global Rule of Law

If in the last one thousand years of history there could be found any error so great, any turn of events so sad, any accretion of power so evil as to threaten the very future of humanity itself, it is the creation of the factories of ignorance and superstition, those wretched tools of mass control, the hidden bane of humanity, the spectre of religion; this cancer our own ilk created so long ago. Ignorance and superstition are two sides of a counterfeit coin minted through history in the halls of religious institutions whose melting is a clear and present moral necessity. By any sustainable means necessary I here commit my life, my time, my intellect, my energy and my passion to liberating the greatest number of my brothers and sisters from this horror, to becoming a missionary for the unvarnished truth, for the abused when alone and cold to bring them heat, for the exploited when calling for liberation to lend them a sword, for the oppressed of every brand and kind to shine the light of truth over them, and to tender to all humanity the true justice which their hearts could only imagine and by which all their fears are assuaged.

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First part; Yasmin’s daugther: second part; Maya aged 11

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Some of us carry a burden of misery called controversy; and one of those burdens could be the secret that you are an atheist. There are many, many people whose career and livelihood could be jeopardized for coming out. And some others are silenced by their circumstances to avoid hardship. But, I encourage anyone who can to do so. There is a great site that you can use to help:

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism



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