Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because of its relevance to global rule of law I’ve decided to make a portion of my personal CFR collection available online. These items were chosen for their relevance to global rule of law and deconversion:

U.S. and “New” Asia Relations

International Justice beyond the Hague

From Rome
to Kampala – the ICC

Enhancing U.S. influence with the UN

Expanding the U.S. role in a stronger UN Security Council

The relationship between population and environmental degradation

North American Relations and governance

More on NA Relations and governance – North American Union

Eurozone WorkingPaper by Barysch

Eurozone_WorkingPaper by Cameron

Eurozone WorkingPaper by Kupchan

Eurozone_WorkingPaper by McNamara

An analysis of the African Union’s conflict management apparatus

The U.S. and WTO dispute resolution program

Eurozone Working Paper by Sarotte

International Preventive Action

Building a Transatlantic Securities Trade

Reforming the International Monetary Fund

International Capital Flow

More on International Capital Flow

Another Report on International Capital Flow

Internationalizing the currency of the PRC

Trends in International Liquidity vis-a-vis PRC

Historical Precedents for the Internationalization of PRC currency

Internationalizing the Renminbi and China’s Financial Development Model

What Drives CNH Market Equilibrium?

Energy Innovation Report

Energy Security Workshop Paper

Working Paper: After Copenhagen

WorkingPaper 2 Climate Change

Israel as a strategic US assest report

Law of the Sea

Intervention in Mass Atrocities

The future of NATO

U.S. Brazil Relations

Policy Innovation Memo1 by Schularick

Policy Innovation Memo10 by Zenko

WorkingPaper 7 Financial Flows

Eurasian Energy Security

Iran Discussion Paper by Kagan

Iran Discussion Paper by Reiss

Iran Working Paper by Pollack

Iran Working Paper by Young


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