I am Kir Komrik, here to spread illumination everywhere,

my name is Justice and my title is Liberator


The opinions expressed on this website are those of me and my contributors and any content herein should not be construed as an endorsement.

My name is Kir, pronounced like “car”. I am here to spread illumination and a passion for global rule of law everywhere. I am pertly, narcissistic and impudent.

Others have called me the “Athiestist Atheist of Atheistdom”, that “Evil Little Thang” and, as far as atheism goes, “kind of a big deal”. Some were joking, some were not. Whatever the case, it probably comes from the fact that I’ve been atheist all my life and my family has been for as many generations back as we know. I don’t like labels but if you’re looking for a category, I am an Evangelical Atheist, which just means I believe in spreading the good news of Atheism. In its simplest and practical form, it just means I am a deconverter who actively deconverts. Atheism for me is only a part of the larger issue of illumination and I am neutral when it comes to anything that enlightens.

(Had to make some Paparazzi edits, sorry)

I like power and money

I have a son who is 5; and his name is JVHK

I like law and economics but am Apolitical (yes, its possible)

The true identity and full name of the Author of the spiritual autobiography of the Comforter is known to me

I believe in economic dignity … for everyoneeverywhere

My dad is from Srinagar; and he doesn’t want his name here

My mother is from Tabriz; and her name is Sabrina (Sadie)

My sister is from California; and her name Yasmin

I was born in California, just outside San Francisco

I believe in equal rights … for everyoneeverywhere

I once lived in Alpharetta, Georgia

I graduated from the Atlanta International school

I graduated high school from St. Paul’s School

I will not pray for you

I am like the Parfaits, but much older, and my source precedes yours

I do not own a tv and hate tv

I like lacrosse and hockey

I believe in meaningful justice … for everyoneeverywhere

I completed a BS and a professional degree

I have a pillow stone

I am uber heterodox

I believe in intellectual illumination … of everyoneeverywhere

My sister-in-law is Mia Van Houten

If you’re a poser atheist, a harpy or a prude please lmtfa

But seriously, this site is intended to be a resource for all things dealing with deconversion and global rule of law, also known as global constitutionalism. I work in the legal profession, am 27 years old, live in small town called Petaluma, California and am passionate about both deconversion and global rule of law. I welcome all to the site and to discussion, especially adherents of all faiths who are either considering deconversion or who are devoutly committed to their faith and just want to learn more about atheism, global rule of law and/or deconversion. I look forward to engaging in hearty debate with anyone of any opinion or stripe.

~ Cyrus “Kir” Komrik

My family has been here … for a while. Now you’ll get to meet us … all over and everywhere.

  1. I liked your comment. Here’s mine, which I doubt will Stewart Patrick will post:

    Dear Stewart,

    I have been writing you these many years about an impending currency war, predicted by an accurate stakeholder analysis that also predicted in 2004 that the US would lose the Gentlemen’s Agreement for appointment of the World Bank’s President if the US did not comply with the Articles of Agreement of the World Bank. As a lawyer in the World Bank’s legal department, I am calling upon the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, the three credit rating agencies, and the International Organization of Securities Commissions to bring the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development into compliance on the world’s securities markets.

    Karen Hudes

    • Hey Karen,

      It’s always invaluable to get insight from within, so thank you very much. If it is okay with you I would like to use your information anonymously to discuss this with others who might be able to offer some interesting additional insight?

      I will wait for your comments. I would also look forward to any additional background information on this issue you raised so that some of my readers can better follow it. Great post.

      – kk

  2. Hi all – I had a friend help me create this website. He is a former software engineer, now in law school. His x-wife is a full-blown nutjob who has been suing him for four years. So – to disclaim for his sake – any background information pertaining to him is fictional and, though he has contributed some content to this site (including ghost-writing), this is my site and most of the content is mine.

  3. Randy said:

    although I have only read some of your intro page I think I can say without doubt that most Americans of any faith will agree with your views on governance and world order regardless of you lack of faith in any higher power. This is your American right and no one can argue the fact of it period.
    your views are logical but yet still a pipe dream unfortunately. global equality for all mankind and compassion for the poor is the foundation of Christianity according to the new testament.
    Islamic believers are the worst of all religion because they have a mind set to convert all to their beliefs or else they must die if not.
    personally I have no issue with a persons belief so long as it causes no harm to others but as a christian who has witnessed the power of prayer and the generosity of my church for the poor I hold my faith in high regard.
    I do otherwise commend you on your fight for equality throughout the world how ever futile an endeavor it may be in this current state of unrest in the world and this country.

    • Hey Randy,
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Given your disposition, I’d like to invite you to answer some questions for me about your faith. Its a discussion called “Conversation with a Deconverter” about the question, “How do I know that your god is The One, True God?” You can find it at https://kirkomrik.wordpress.com/decompression-seeding/.
      But to specifically address your points. It may be that the ideas I espouse are a pipe dream indeed, but my love of integrity requires that I support what I believe, regardless of how many out there agree with me or not.
      Not intended facetiously in the least, how would you rate the success of Christianity in achieving those aims you mentioned; the goals of equality for all mankind and compassion for the poor? I know there is success to some degree in those areas, but I’m curious of you assessment of its overall presentation and realized effect, both in terms of those successes due to Christian works and the works of others.
      I respect your views on Islam but demur on your point. At least as much as I’m not so certain Islam is the “worst” of all.
      Can you share with us the power of prayer you’ve experienced with your church? I am sincerely interested in knowing more about that.
      Good luck and best fortunes in promoting equality and addressing poverty in your church. Thanks for supporting at least some of my efforts and thanks for commenting,
      – kk

  4. Randy said:

    Im going to relate to you something Ive never told anyone, your the first. Im a convicted felon primarily for narcotics use and possession several times over. Ive harmed no one other than myself in my addiction and my family by way of their love for me.
    I was sitting in a solitary cell for fighting with an officer and I had had enough and had decided it just wasnt worth my effort to continue in life at that point. I knew when the cops made their rounds and knew I had 30mins to do what I had decided to do. I had already tore my sheet and made my mind up I was going to follow through with my self destruction. (I fight with this every day still)
    Having been raised in church as a young boy I had knowledge of Christ so I spoke out to Him asking that if He was truly there for me to prove it. as I sat there with the rope ready to use.
    Now the Bible says not to challenge God but when I made the challenge a peace washed over me and my body was relieved of all anxiety and tension. that night I had my first full night of uninterrupted sleep the whole time there.
    When I went to the reception center prison I went through several changes that are considered abnormal in prison. I was moved through several buildings and this sort of thing is considered suspicious by other inmates. the working theory is your an informant and cant be trusted. The end result is you have no place in general population and are subject to attack without provocation or proof of suspicions implied by your being moved around.
    I went to four different buildings and in each one was given a message to be discerned by me. The first was what we call pick a part. people in various states of physical deformity or disease, ie; aids hep-C etc. Im in perfect health at 52 in spite of my addictions .
    Needless to say I was confronted by others and left alone when by all rules of ca. inmate laws I should of had my as beat at every turn just because.
    In my last building I initiated a confrontation with three “homeboys” over the exploitation of a first termer who was mentally impaired when they should of been looking out for him instead because he was of the same race as us. I stood my ground as i should and stopped their abuse of this kid.
    Im hard headed and question everything but years ago I ask my God to put me where I could be of use to others and so far for the last 10+ years thats what has happened to me to this date.
    I posses many skills and have had to put them to use constantly throughout these year in helping other who would otherwise not been able to afford the work to be done. this has paid my way since being a felon work is hard to get. I dont pretend to fully understand how Gods word works but I know He says not to worry but just to have faith in Him and you will have what you need. Thats my faith.

    • Thanks Randy,
      That’s a great story. Sometimes I feel guilty at having such a relatively easy life and wonder what people like me would have or experience in life to guide us into the faith you’ve so clearly witnessed here.
      I also didn’t have the exposure to Christian beliefs as a child as you did. So, for me, its a clean slate with little personal experience to guide me. That’s what that conversation with a deconverter thread is going to be about.
      Anyway I really appreciate your story and wish more adherents who regularly visit here would be as willing to share. I am also humbled that you’ve chosen to share this here for the first time. I hope you will find someday that this daily struggle you speak of will wane, the “guns” will fall silent and you can leave that “battlefield” behind. I wish you the best and encourage you to press on.
      – kk

  5. Thanks all for your private messages as well.

    – kk

  6. Randy said:

    I should make a correction to my first comment in regards to the Islamic religion. what I should have said is I feel the practice of Sharia law in the middle eastern religions is by and far the worst I’ve come across.
    Also I dont think that all Atheist’s fail to believe in a superior being of some sort. But thats just my opinion.
    I’ll be back Im sure since Im quite interseted in following your journey in times such as these in which we live.
    I will leave you with this though as food for thought.
    “I would rather be thought a fool for believing in the word of God than to be proven a fool for not”

    • “I should make a correction to my first comment in regards to the Islamic religion. what I should have said is I feel the practice of Sharia law in the middle eastern religions is by and far the worst I’ve come across.”

      I can see that.

      “Also I dont think that all Atheist’s fail to believe in a superior being of some sort. But thats just my opinion.”
      I’m sure there are some that do in fact believe in a god.

      “I would rather be thought a fool for believing in the word of God than to be proven a fool for not”
      That’s interesting because that is exactly what we’re discussing in that thread. Basically, the response to that is that the position is not at all unreasonable. The question that this begs however, is how do I know that your god is The One, True God? In other words, if not to be proven a fool, we need to choose the “correct” god and not an imposter, correct? That’s the big dilemma I see with religion. It isn’t even so much a question of does god exist, its which one is the real McCoy?

  7. Randy said:

    My point exactly in a way. Ive attended churches that its obvious that their focus isnt totally on Gods word but more on how they are able to present themselves as the right church by being so prestigious, and big with the biggest congregation. Billy Graham has the biggest following yet he had no church building exclusively for his followers as so many do today. the church I attend is a small town church that has a small congregation and many of us my age were total society outcasts who many churches probably wouldnt accept. our building is aged and in need of repair and in fact we just done some major repairs to what was the original church building built over 100 years ago. Ive been in construction for most of my life. And I have no idea why this building was still standing. its approx 60ft in length and one side was completely off its footing. by all right is should have collapsed long ago.
    In this church we have a member who was a hard core drug dealer who was involved in a deal gone bad and ended up with a bullet in his head and in his back. left for dead and tossed in a canal at night. A couple fishermen found him and took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and spent the weekend in the morgue. his mother and wife who attend our church along with the whole church prayed all weekend for him.
    The following Monday when he was taken out for examination he was alive. True story. He had the death cert to prove it.
    So i dont think its so much a question of whether or not your God is the real deal. But whether or not you and your church are pleasing God in the way He ask of you. prayer is a very powerful thing and works IF its done right without prejudice and your faith is pleasing to God.
    It doesnt matter how big or glamorous your church is or how much money your able generate. Its the strength of the faith in of those in that church.

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