What happned to Real Change: Toward a Final World Order?

Hi all,

As you know I’ve discussed, somewhat tongue in cheek, the idea of a final world order, which is a kind of play on the “New World Order” of popular vernacular. It is a radically progressive idea that is the antithesis of everything the western, neo-liberal democracy and the Anne-Marie Slaughter scheme of disaggregated states stands for. It is the alternative to the El Modelo, the IMF, the World Bank, The Chicago School, or the Washington Consensus as it has been variously called, among other things. But in the end this El Modelo is a model for a police state of a brand of far-right ideology that seeks to enslave the world not a little more brutally than it is already enslaved today. At first it seemed paranoid. Then as the President Bush, Jr. presidency played out and President Obama entered office it became evident that they were on to something. Numerous notable personalities have commented on this. There are echoes in the public discourse of 1930s Germany in which the canary was in the coal mine for any that wanted to look.  Anne-Marie Slaughter described this global, totalitarian nightmare in her seminal book “A New World Order”. Read it, please, because she was just as forthright about her views as Adolf Hitler was in his seminal work, Mein Kampf. And she is the movement’s guru. A friend of mine did a good review of this book here.

Academics in the Humanities and other areas as well have discussed this emerging police state in the United States and have lamented the lack of mass public opposition. The reasons for this are varied, they posit, but one key factor that seems to be a common denominator in all the examples seen is simple: the modern police state in its newest technologically-laden perversion is far better at instilling fear and intimidation into the lives of otherwise normal, everyday people; the kind of people that in the 1960s would probably be rioting in every major city in the U.S. by now. In fact, its become so clear that even so-called terrorists overseas are beginning to comment that their concerns, violent or not, are decidedly shifting prejudicially to the government and oligarchs of the United States and away from civilians. Having said that, I’m still not so sure that most people overseas even understand just how bad it has really gotten over here. Everybody is getting arrested all the time, for all sorts of bizarre reasons, and having their income and wealth siphoned and taken from all sorts of nefarious sources under dubious, false obligations. The only ones not yet drowned in this are the upper-middle class and their betters. That will change soon. So, the question becomes, how does one exercise their presumptively (on paper) Constitutional right to peacefully protest and lawfully dissent in such an environment?

As we saw with the short-lived and largely ineffective Occupy Wall Street movement the police state was able to suppress it by simply ignoring the Constitution by suborning Rule of Law and denying just equity, to put it in strictly precise terms. Aiding and abetting this was a new mass media totally sold out to the oligarchy to which the police state answers. In such an environment there is only one way to deal with this: all those of like mind will have to be willing to sacrifice more by extending their own resources, talents and time to providing safety and security for those who are the victims of police state brutality and injustice. And all of that can be done perfectly legally and with sound conduct. Here is what I think is needed.  Those who have more will have to give more. And those that need assistance who are productively challenging the police state need to have the security of knowing that if they can convince their colleagues of such a valid need, their colleagues will support them when the state effectively removes their livelihood, reputation, legal rights, etc. Of course, such a group would merely become the target of the police state itself unless, of course, this alliance is heavily decentralized. Those that want to help the cause should be loosely understood to fall into broad roles. There can be those that assist protestors targeted by the police state either by direct offers of a place to stay, a job, or whatever they can offer, and those that can donate for the cause. The other broad role would be those that are the active participants who go into the streets, get beaten and arrested for no valid reason whatsoever, such as what happened in Toronto, Canada a few years back, and who would otherwise be dissuaded from such action by the retaliation of the police state. By making sure these individuals have the very basic needs met that the police state tries to revoke or abolish as retaliation, the police state loses its primary tool of intimidation.

And just so its clear. The reason for the mass media sell-out is that, regardless of how objective they might want to be, they are still dependent on the existing social order and the institutions that protect them and allow them to profit. What they are realizing now is that revolution is getting razor close and they are afraid of upsetting these institutions. If they really reported the full truth the whole house of cards would come down in 24 hours and they know it.

And such a cadre need not be very large. Groups of as little as a couple dozen in each major city are enough to, if creatively planned and staged, force the issue into the mainstream press. In fact, if the press continues to play the shill, the activists can target them directly and forcefully. And when the general population sees that they are not intimidated nor having their lives destroyed, the general public is emboldened to act and no longer in fear of retaliation. So, in this sense, this idea is something like a pathfinder scheme in which small numbers of persons who have spent the time to build trust amongst themselves and to have vetted each other can act as a vanguard to alleviate or even remove the intimidation and chilling factor created by the police state. And I think it is that intimidation and chilling factor that is what is stifling opposition. It was instituted too quickly for the people to respond and prevent it in the whirlwind chaos of 9/11 and that is the only reason the culprits were able to get this scheme in place before mass opposition prevented it.

I believe the best place to start is with academia. Academics are the most educated and most credible assets we can rely on and recruiting them into a loose knit fraternity would be an ideal starting point. Part of the reason for this is that academics provide the sobered, rational backdrop against virtually all of reality society deals with in the public discourse and even the police state has to be careful about demonizing or undermining their credibility because they themselves depend on them to support the half-truths they use to fabricate larger lies.

To keep things highly decentralized, it could be organized as a mentor-activist arrangement in which those helping this effort would help match a mentor to an activist. The mentor would act as their direct support in case of retaliation and other more loosely affiliated persons could donate money to a mentor if that is all they can do at the time. I’m no expert is political organization and I know this scheme is probably unsophisticated and that perhaps there are already much better ways to do this, but whatever the case I’m considering this a call to action for anyone who has any ideas about how to do this to collaborate, The only precondition is that your intent is peaceful, lawful and Constitutional for the simple reason that stepping outside that boundary only dramatically improves the ability of the police state to stop the opposition.

As my readers know I am obviously progressive. But I am also a devoted General Federalist. There is no premium here on ideology and I’m not suggesting General Federalism as the only answer, so this isn’t connected to that in any way. In that vein, my readers will also know that I go to great trouble to remain as ideologically neutral and objective as possible and I do not make gratuitous ideological comments. This is a pattern that comes naturally from General Federalism which treats ideology as a kind of “opium of the masses”. Having said that, I would be remiss in this article if I did not characterize the beast for what it is. The evidence is now overwhelming that, at least in this case, this totalitarian project is decidedly right wing, characterized by an Aristotelian elitism that treats over 99% of the population as nothing more valuable than slaves, employs heavy deception to conceal these facts by appearing progressive, just as Aristotle specified, and, also as specified, to influence public policy makers through power brokers that hide behind them. One only has to read up on Venice, Italy and the early banking families to learn about this deeply ingrained philosophy that has a clear continuity to today. It was well-known and accepted in those days and the only thing that changed over the centuries was its gradual disappearance from honest, open discourse. The behavior pattern never changed.

Even if you just have suggestions, comments are welcomed, or you can email me directly. My address is kirkomrik@gmail.com. I have spoken to some about this but many, many more people are needed. If we could simply recruit just those die-hards involved in Occupy Wall Street it would be enough to get this started up. Thanks for your time and consideration.

– kk

P.S. I’m currently working on a very large article regarding this Aristotelian history as I think it is vital for people to know about it. My last few articles were written somewhat hastily and I hope to clean up some of the points I made there. Stay tuned.


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