Faction is the Quisling: the Moral Hazard of Bloody Neoliberal “Democracy”

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If you’re a master con artist like the infamous Shylock you know that society needs currency to trade. If, somehow, you can tap into the process by which this currency is physically manufactured and put into circulation and force people to “borrow” it from you, even before you have even put it into circulation yet, then pay it back to you with additional interest, even though it was merely put into circulation as a tool for the public to trade in wealth and never intended to be “loaned” out, you can be more than just rich. More than just nasty rich. You can be GOD.

Let’s be upfront first. Money is not created “out of thin air” and “capitalism is not going to certainly fail because of an infinitely growing interest obligation”, etc. Read this article, watch our videos and learn something, if I may be so bold.

Now, a warning. If you try to unravel this mystery you’ll run into a massive wall of conspiracy theories, totally incorrect characterizations and misrepresentations of fact, disjointed mental processes and downright bizarre youtube videos. I know, its frustrating. But don’t fall for it. It’s not all that complicated or “sinister”, for no other reason than the fact that its been going on forever. But it is a nasty problem humanity needs to solve. I’ve always found it funny how those of us who have lived a life of abuse have such a clearer, more realistic understanding of our world. And those that were not abused seem to live in Oz, which is kind of a good thing, I guess. But to them I always say, its not about conspiracies (by these abusers), its just their particular pathology, their modus operandi. Its just normal living, that’s all. People make too much of a reality they weren’t equipped to handle, giving it catchy names and colorful descriptions. It’s just reality, that’s all. There’s no conspiracy or anything out of the ordinary. Everyone in our world does this all the time.

So, the scam works like this: just confuse the public by conflating two completely different concepts. One of them is (A) the process of creating new currency and putting it into circulation. And you have to do this for all sorts of reasons as a public service to allow people to engage in trade. The other concept is (B) the idea of “borrowing” or “lending”. If you can conflate these two concepts and get the naive (the Oz-landers) to believe that these two things are one and the same, you can make them borrow the very money needed just to make commerce possible, and make them pay it back to you with interest. Don’t see the con yet?

Look at this way. Imagine there were no money at all and everyone was forced to barter goods. They had to trade goods because they didn’t have money. Now some smartass comes along and says, you know what, with currency we could make it so that a given amount of currency is equal to a given amount of goods. That would make trading goods a lot simpler. You wouldn’t have to trade a ton of fish for 500 pounds of lumber. You could just use the currency that represents it and trade that. But the fifty million dollar question is, who is going to get this currency when it is first circulated? How do you decide to whom it shall go, and in what proportions it shall be granted? Who is entitled to how much? The easiest answer is to just say that it will go proportionately to each person based on the goods they possess, right? But thats not how it works. Instead, the currency is “loaned” (!!) to the people that possess goods – which the bankers call “collateral” – and the receiver of the currency (which is backed by his or her own goods) is forced to pay it back with interest … to … these novel businessmen called money changers or bankers. In fact, that begs the question, what exactly are you “paying back” and why? There is nothing to “pay back”. The goods belong to YOU, and so does the currency that represents it, which is why we invented currency in the first place, so you could use that to trade YOUR goods. What does a loan and interest have to do with the initial idea of using currency? Nothing. Get it now?

An actual loan would come about if someone handed over their own currency or wealth to someone else, gave them ownership thereof, and asked that they pay it back at some point with their own money or wealth; none of which would involve creating new money to inject into the pool of ciruclating currency. Currency (A) creation and currency (B) loaning are thus not conflated and confused. But isn’t that what banks do? No, and that’s the point. That is what our videos on this topic are about, which explain line by line the Fed rules here in the United States (which are little different than they are anywhere else these days). They’ve been doing this since the days of the Bank of England, and only shortly before that it was all loan-sharking and literally beating loan payments out of non-payers a la the Italian system started by the infamous Shylock. You see, “banking” has never been respectable, any more than the La Cosa Nostra that was formed right around the same time just down the street from Shylock.  It’s just that once they infiltrated governments with their scam they could use the government to legalize the scam and make it appear respectable.

Then why is it that so few people know about these Fed rules, even though they are published in the open (you can get them here on this site – see our documents “box”)? Well, because organizations to further these swindles have to be created so that they and only they can actually manufacture, either physically or electronically, all the currency, then deposit that new money into private banks. This way, the private banks have no idea what the con artists are doing. Central banks are excellent tools for this, for they operate in total secrecy and can simply “create” money by flipping internal switches, then depositing sums into private bank accounts. Our videos at http://federalism.jux.com explain how this is done. We made these videos because we couldn’ti fnd a single video on youtube that correctly explained how this works.

If you think this isn’t how it works, you need to read the articles here and watch our videos. It will be an eye-opener and it isn’t what you hear in the conspiracy forums either. It’s just a low-rent, trashy, underhanded and nasty three hundred year-old scandal of back-door swindles that’s gained respectability with the public because of the mind-boggling scale of the fraud and how much dirty money has been used to keep the public thoroughly clueless. These people’s actions are worse than those of the billionaire drug dealers that serve to distract us from the real kingpins. Justice in the world can only begin by eliminating institutionalized, organized crime.

As the Information Age drones on, these “secrets” will become more evident to the general population. If the full scale of the damage this has caused to humanity is revealed, and it will be, there is no question but that future observers will regard this not only as criminal fraud but quite likely as crimes against humanity.

There is insufficient space here to fully explain that statement, but it will suffice to say that the human suffering and anguish caused by this Scandal of All Time is so great, so pernicious and so massive that full public disclosure of this could easily result in unpredictable results and general political instability. The key difference of opinion within this camp appears to be that the black sheep called General Federalists hold that it is better not to let the public find out on their own, but to guide and shape the exposure of these facts to the public directly for the benefit of humanity. Illuminatio Ubique. How do we know about this? Its’ better not to worry about that, just research it yourself because we will give you the resources needed to verify it all on your own. The messenger is not the message.

Thus, before proceeding, it is vital to understand how money creation actually works, minus the conspiracy theories and hyperbole, so we can examine on its merit whether or not malfeasance could be involved in attempt to conceal the swindle. First, we note that there were only a handful of schemes that would actually have a material, negative impact on the central banking scheme of concealing and exploiting the conflation of the terms loan and money creation. These included any scheme that gave direct authority to the U.S. Treasury to print currency without an explicit bank “loan” being associated with it. Schemes meeting that criteria were the bimetal schemes, the greenback printings and anything else that did not require an obligor to repay. So. other schemes such as merely seeking a gold standard would not have done anything to break the central banks control. It is important to make this distinction if you want to play Sherlock Holmes. Every single person in a position to make these sovereign Treasury print runs happen and who has taken explicit action to try it has been assassinated. Here is that sordid story.

So, here is but a trickle of the trail of blood left by that vengeful, jealous and violent God.


President Andrew [mid. nomen nescio] Jackson, United States of America, 7th in succession to office of same. Prior public service; United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, Military Governor for the State of FL and United States Army honorably discharged at rank of Major General. Born March 16, 1767 at Carolina territories and died 8 June, 1845 at TN. President Jackson was succeeded by election as President of the United States by President Martin Van Buren.

  1. Two unsuccessful attempts were made against his life. The first occurred on 6 May, 1833 at Alexandria, VA. Robert B. Randolph boarded a naval vessel on which Jackson was embarked, proceeded to Jackson’s stateroom and physically assaulted Jackson and then fled the scene. He was chased and captured and Jackson did not press charges. The incident was probably not life threatening. Randolph had been previously discharged from the United States Navy (at rank of Lieutenant) by President Jackson for embezzlement.
  2. The second attempt occurred on 30 January, 1835 at Washington, D.C. just outside the United States Capitol building at the close of a funeral whereupon Jackson was exiting the East Portico thereof. Richard Lawrence – born about 1800 and died on 13 June, 1861 – an unemployed housepainter from England who settled just outside Washington, D.C. at the age of 12, had been noted previously for aberrant behavior.

In the time leading up to the attack Lawrence became convinced that he was not receiving money due him as King Richard III of England (as he believed himself to be) from Jackson or the United States government because of establishment of a national bank prevented it. A further analysis of these claims is in order since Richard III died a long time before this and it isn’t clear if this is an inheritance claim or a truly clinical belief. The claim he made was for English estate claims associated with King Richard III of England, which might explain this belief in terms not as pathological as often is implied.

It was said that Lawrence’s personality and outward appearance abruptly changed just prior to the attack on President Jackson. The change, in particular, had to do with the fact that Lawrence’s normally frugal and conservative dress manner became flamboyant and expensive, as if he had come into a lot of money. He was accused of also becoming domestically violent, but these claims cannot be firmly validated at this point. Lawrence was prosecuted in a trial on 11 April, 1835 by Francis Scott Key but found to be “not guilty by reason of insanity” (mentally defective) by the jury.

Upon the attack on President Jackson, he aimed a pistol at President Jackson, pulled the trigger and it misfired. Lawrence drew a backup pistol and fired that one also, and it also misfired. Humidity could have contributed to the misfirings but, in any case, both pistols were later tested and no fault in the firearms could be found. While not confirmed, it had been stated that Jackson attacked Lawrence with his cane during the altercation. Lawrence was restrained and disarmed by others nearby, including the well-known David Crockett.

Lawrence later told doctors that his motive had been that he blamed Jackson for the loss of his job. He claimed that with the President (Jackson) dead

“money would be more plenty” (referring to the banking controversy in which Jackson was embroiled) and that “he [Lawrence] could not rise until the President had fell”.

Who in the world would give someone such a silly idea? Where do these nutjobs get their scripts? He further claimed that he was a deposed British King; to wit, Richard III, dead since 1485 and that Jackson was his [Lawrence’s] clerk. He was deemed insane and subsequently institutionalized.


  1. President Abraham [mid. nomen nescio] Lincoln, United States of America, 16th in succession to office of same and wartime Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. Prior public service; Militia of the State of IL in 1832 honorably discharged with the rank of Captain, United States House of Representatives. Born 12 February, 1809 at Hodgenville, KY and died 15 April, 1865 at the Peterson House, Washington, D.C. President Lincoln was succeeded as President of the United States by President Andrew Johnson.


  1. One successful attempt at assassination occurred on April 14, 10:13 p.m. at Ford’s Theater wherein President Lincoln was attacked by John Wilkes Booth (born 10 May, 1838 at Bel Air, MD; expired unknown) with a firearm from behind while Lincoln was seated. John Wilkes Booth had no prior military service, even in the ranks of the Rebellion that immediately preceded the assassination. However, it is generally accepted that he was a spy for the Rebellion known as the Confederate States of America. He hailed from the State of MD, was a sympathizer for the Confederate States of America and was a trained actor. A considerable body of evidence and knowledge surrounding this assassination has emerged over the years and will require a larger, separate treatment; however, historians now generally accept the view that a conspiracy of some kind was involved in this assassination. It is the nature of that conspiracy that is still disputed. Booth initially escaped Ford’s Theatre where the attack took place and fled to a rural property, hiding in a barn and not found by pursuers until 12 days after the attack. On 26 April, 1865 the United States Army arrived at the property where Booth was believed to be located in VA near the VA town of Port Royal, on the southern side of the Potomac and several miles south of the attack. As regards the chain of evidence, regrettably, the pursuit and capture/killing of Booth was performed not by law enforcement but by the United States Army. This would cause much confusion for researchers in the years that followed as to what the circumstances of Booth’s death actually were. All that is certain today is that Sergeant Boston Corbett, United States Army, shot and killed what was the presumptive Booth without identifying him (much less giving him a chance to surrender or to be informed of any rights – which was not practice at that time) when he ran from the tobacco barn in which he was hiding and which the soldiers had just set ablaze. Curiously, the United States Army recovered Booth’s diary and it later showed up in the evidence chain with 18 pages torn out. Years later, the officer that initially took custody of the diary (who we’ll name shortly) had apparently torn them out himself as those very same missing pages were found in a descendant’s house many years later. But the puzzle and riddle of these missing 18 pages grew much more tantalizing in recent years as researchers began to put it all together: for years no one knew what the pages said because they were coded and, of course, not even found until many years after the assassination (the key to the diary was found in Booth’s personal trunk shortly after the assassination). However, another key copy for decoding it was found by historians just recently and proved to be a rather noisy and shocking gun billowing with smoke for miles. The key was found to be before in the possession of a man named Judah P. Benjamin (this provenance is verified and not disputed) who was a Civil War campaigner for the Rothschild banking family. This key, to be clear, was unique to Booth’s 18 pages of diary notes and thus could not have been intended for anything else nor could it have been created by chance. For if either was the case, the key would have resulted in gibberish. Instead, the 18 pages translated into a lucid statement in perfectly clear, grammatically correct English. And it implicated, by name, Lincoln’s Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, John Wilkes Booth himself, eight of his co-conspirators historians already suspected and over 70 government officials and businessmen. Of course, the funny part is that the U.S. Army unit giving chase to Booth and recovering this diary was led by none other than Secretary of War Edwin Stanton himself and he was the one who tore the 18 pages out. The connection to Judah P. Benjamin, then, is the element of this story found in undisputed facts that elevates this “banker assassination” conspiracy theory to something that might have a kernel of truth in it or at least justifies further inquiry. And that is the purpose of this very inquiry. If by undisputed historical fact we can establish that a Rothschild campaigner (these are the very people that pay out and take in payments for the promotion of their business in new markets or wherever a new business opportunity exists) was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln, by modern RICO statues alone the entire Rothschild family involved in that business would be eligible for conviction of first degree murder … and presumably, treason since conspiracy, by definition, would be involved. In those days and still figuratively speaking today, this was the fastest way to a thirteen wound rope than any other crime you can commit. Thus, the significance of this find is massive and few in the general public know about it. Based on the security of these keys and Benjamin’s role as paymaster it is almost certain that a financial relationship existed between Booth and the Rothschild family. But why?
  2. President Lincoln seems to be one of the handful of rare individuals who were not only in a position to make things happen, but who shared a similar approach to contesting the authority and influence of the bankers and later the Federal Reserve. He simply had the U.S. Treasury print currency. Now, as with Kennedy’s Executive Order, it didn’t mean a specific amount had to be printed or that the bankers couldn’t also print money. That wasn’t the point. The point was that because of the corrupt manner in which central banks were injecting currency into circulation, on one in their right mind would use any of that currency if a currency freely printed by the U.S. treasury were available. Its important to understand at this point that a very specific, particular monetary scheme was being suggested here in Lincoln’s so-called “greenback” currency which would later become a pattern, a modus operandi, unique to virtually every person in a position of power who can enforce this scheme and who was subsequently murdered. Their specific schemes were different in some respects, but the outcome was the same: they all killed central banking.
  3. President Lincoln expired on 15 April, 1865, 7:22 a.m. local time with the cause of death being a bullet wound to the head. If we establish as a working hypothesis that Judah Benjamin was in fact conspiring to kill Lincoln, then the next obvious thing a criminal investigator will do, if there is a possibility of a serial killer being involved, will be to flesh out the modus operandi of Benjamin in this crime and see if it matches others.  Of course, if it is a RICO-style organizational modus operandi, it need not be limited to Benjamin’s life span either. The only question is whether or not the “organization” can be said to have existed more or less in continuity over the time interval considered. This is the same logic used in courts in the United States when examining crimes by organizations such as the Mafia. The Mafia has a certain “style” of doing things and one can see their fingerprint, their artwork, even over several decades of time in which the actors involved in the first case are all deceased by the second case. Does the Mafia, for example, exhibit patterns that endure like this? You bet your ass they do. In fact, the La Cosa Nostra can be considered the Harvard University of the means and methods of organized crime that every aspiring noer-do-well tries to emulate. They are smooth, very low profile, eschew any and all publicity, are not messy, are master manipulators and purveyors of psychology, deception, fraud and propaganda, operate through proxies, patsies and nutjobs, never write anything down, have a loyalty so strong its like they’re all one mind, exploit and maneuver existing, externalities to further their own aims to further distance themselves from the illegal acts. In this way, they are the truest professional: they are focused on outcomes and getting their business objectives met. It’s never personal for them. One has to wonder if the Mafia are in fact the original teachers or if they, too, were once students of some “unknown” master. No wonder the CIA hires them, learns from them and does everything it can to make full use of them.  Just ask Fidel Castro. Ironically, the same place that modern banking was born is the same place the Mafioso call home: Italy. For Shylock is the real master.
  4. Years afterward researchers discovered that John Wilkes Booth knew Vice-President Andrew Johnson quite well, shared a sister-duo-mistress and were on personal speaking terms even up to the day of the assassination of President Lincoln. How odd. It is a further oddity that all individuals who were material witnesses to the assassination of President Lincoln and the kiling of Booth subsequently went nuts; or, rather, were institutionalized against their will on account of being called nuts. One of the witnesses, President Lincoln’s widow, was known for an incredible political acumen and was convinced President Johnson was involved in her husband’s murder. The fact that Booth “dropped by” the house (the motel where the Vice-President was temporarily living) and wrote a note to Vice-President Johnson the morning of the assassination asking him if he was home kind of fueled that suspicion. Curiously, all of these material witnesses had the same complaint upon which their institutionalization was based: they said that “people were in the walls” and that they could hear their voices from “within the walls”. Odd that all of them would suffer the same fate and precisely the same pathological symptom complex (a very specific form of schizoid presentation never before or since seen in the annals of psychology whose only common denominator was that they happened to know more than just about anyone about the assassination of President Lincoln). This even included Sergeant Boston Corbett, United States Army, the man who shot “Booth”. He “jumped off a bridge” with a “suicide” note claiming that he was hearing those same creepy “people in the walls”. A couple sitting in the booth with President Lincoln when he was murdered went full up nuts when “the husband” tried to kill his wife and children by shooting and stabbing them. What’s odd about this rumor is that, curiously, no one died. How hard is it to shoot your wife and children and at least get one of them? In any case, they were hearing folks “in the walls”, too. Anyway, that was clearly sufficient grounds to institutionalize all of them. This pathos motif could have been conjured up by any sufficiently superstitious six year old child. Could this get any sillier? People are so naive.


  1. President James Abram Garfield (a direct consanguineous ancestor of this author – 5th great grandfather), United States of America, 20th in succession to office of same. Prior public service; United States House of Representatives. Born 19 November, 1831 at Moreland Hills, OH and died 19 September, 1881 at Elberon, NJ. President Garfield was succeeded as President of the United States by President Chester Arthur.


Charles Julius Gautieu, a figure eerily reminiscent of Lee Harvey Oswald

  1. Garfield’s presidency lasted only 200 days, from 4 March, 1881, until his death on 19 September, 1881, as a result of being shot by assassin Charles Julius Guiteau (born 8 September, 1841 at Freeport IL and died 30 June, 1882) on 2 July, 1881. The attack occurred at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad station where Guiteau shot the President in the back twice. Guiteau was prosecuted by six attorneys; Wayne MacVeagh (U.S. Attorney General), George Corkhill, Walter Davidge, John K. Porter, Elihu Root and E.B. Smith. The Judge presiding was Judge Walter Smith Cox. As in other assassination cases listed here, this perpetrator showed signs of harboring a pathological mental condition/s. Guiteau went to law school and became a licensed attorney in IL and practiced there in Chicago. He later relocated to NYC and practiced law there where he was arrested and convicted for embezzlement, after which he served prison time. After getting out of prison he dropped the legal profession (probably because as a felon he could not practice anymore) and took up occult theology. Contemporaneous descriptions styled him as a person of limited intellect but of narcissistic personality. He had also developed a reputation as a “mooch”, always looking for an angle by which to enrich himself.
  2. Like with so many of the other cases, anomalies present in this case.  I came across this advertisement in the National Republican. It calls on people to listen to a Chicago lawyer (not a Washington, D.C. lawyer) and theologian speak on the Second Coming of Christ. The event was to take place at the Congregational Church at 10th and G St. NW — the first racially integrated church in D.C. — and the price of admission was a whopping 25 cents. “Show up before 8 p.m. on December 7th, 1877 to get a good seat.” What?! … 1877? That’s a full four years before he was in D.C. to shoot the President. Besides, wasn’t he in jail in NYC at that time? That one really got my attention. If you want to see the original, go to the Library of Congress here. Being known as a cheapskate and “mooch”, the follow-up research was even more tantalizing:
  3. The Washington Post wrote a little piece in November of 1881, interviewing Rev. Dr. Rankin, head of the Congregational Church. This is what was reported:

A POST reporter chanced across the path of Rev. Dr. Rankin, the Congregationalist, last evening, and the conversation somehow drifted on the Guiteau trial. “Did you ever know,” said the good doctor, “that the vile fellow lectured in the lecture-room of my church about two years ago?” “That is certainly an unwritten chapter in the history of the assassin,” said the reporter. “Nevertheless it is so. One cold night he came to my residence and asked to see me. He showed me credentials and said that he wanted to secure the lecture room of the Congregational church to deliver his lecture on “The Second Advent of Christ.” I referred him to one of the trustees of the church.” “Did you attend the lecture?” “Thank fortune, I did not. He lectured, however. The trustee, by the way, wisely made him plank down a five dollar bill in advance. On the night of the lecture there were not over half a dozen persons present, and each one a crank. They pressed Guiteau so hard with their cranky questions that he became perplexed and left the platform in disgust, making the slim attendance an excuse.” “From your conversation with him, did you form an idea that he was insane?” “Far from it. I no more dreamt of his insanity than I did of the truth of his views. To me he was simply offensively disagreeable by reason of his egotism.”

I’m shocked that Guiteau had five dollars and, second, that he gave it up. Something stinks here and reminds one of the rather loud, obnoxious and attention-getting behavior of Mohammed Atta – the religious fanatic so devoted he was ready to kill himself for it – in Florida when he snorted cocaine, hired prostitutes and created major scenes in places like banks and airports; all where the public would remember him. But in this case, a dating gaffe is evident if this event were staged. And it makes one wonder, who really came up with the agent provocateur by nutjob scam in the first place? Remember, this was December, 1877 when Giteau was in jail in New York. There is more on this in what follows.

  1. Astonishingly, Gitteau’s last public statement was a veiled suggestion that he had been put up to the murder and it sounds as if he is begging his handlers to come clean and free him: “I hardly think I am destined to be hung, and therefore give myself no thought on that, but am anxious to have my character and inspiration vindicated. To that end I need help as herein mentioned. My friends need not be ashamed of me. Some people think I am the greatest man of his age, and that my name will go into history as a patriot by the side of Washington and Grant.” Who the F is he talking about? Who would consider him a “patriot” of the stature of Washington and Grant? Think about this. Everyone hated this guy and there was no particular public hatred or disdain for President Garfield. And he seems to be suggesting that those that put him up to this would be those who esteem him as such. Of course, the bankers might well see it that way, but I can’t imagine who else would.
  2. Guiteau’s testimony at his trial. It begins, “I have a brother named John [John Wilson Guiteau; he is eight years older than I am. He was bom at Ann Arbor, Michigan. He lived at Freeport * in his early days, and he went to Davenport, Iowa, in 1854, and lived there some fifteen years. He was a lawyer by profession and practiced at Davenport. In 1869, he went to New York city and entered the employ of the United States Life Insurance Company [owned by the Rothschild family]. He was with them two years, and was one of their principal men. He has a great deal of insurance brain. “I have a sister who is married to George Scoville, Esq., an attorney at Chicago. They were married in 1853 and have several children. My mother died at Freeport when I was seven years old, and my father was a widower for five years. He then married a lady at Freeport, named Maria. Bloodji in 1853. They have two children living a daughter (my half-sister), about twenty-five years old, and a son (my half-brother) about twenty-three years old, and I think that she lost one child in infancy.”  Gautieu went on,
  3. Oddly, Robert Lincoln, President Lincoln’s son, was present when Garfield was murdered, just as he had been when President McKinley was murdered. The connection between the two Presidents is that both supported a bimetal currency system that, like President Lincoln’s greenback, would have bypassed the central bank. To understand why, the bimetal schemes allowed the Treasury to print certificates of value based on the value of these metals. This would eventually cause the central banks, over time, to become irrelevant and they would have to shut down. President Kennedy tried the same thing under a different guise much later.
  4. President Garfield advocated a bi-metal monetary system. A bi-metal monetary system is one in which (A) both gold and silver money are Legal tender in unlimited amounts and (B) the government will convert both gold and silver into legal tender coins at a fixed rate for individuals in unlimited quantities. This is called free coinage because the quantity is unlimited, even if a fee is charged. It effectively bypasses central banks and is similar in that regard to a scheme created by President Kennedy by his Executive Order 11110 in 1963. While often misunderstood, the Order had the appearance of assisting the Federal Reserve when in actuality it would have bypassed it.

At his trial for mudering President Garfield, Giteau testified that, “soon after writing that article I wanted to go out lecturing to enlighten the world in reference to the discovery which I conceived I had made, and I got the Methodist church there — in Chicago — and I had my intention to deliver the lecture, well announced in all the Chicago papers, about the l0th or 15th of January, 1877. It was a Saturday night ; a cold, bitter night, one of the coldest nights of the year, and after making some preparations, and getting the hall, after considerable delay and trouble, I went there to deliver my lecture on the * Second Coming of Christ at the Destruction of Jerusalem.’ The announcement was made something like this: ‘Admission, twenty-five cents ; free to all who cannot afford to pay twenty-five cents.’ I went there about’ 8 o’clock, and found about twenty-five people, and I went on to the stage and delivered my lecture on the * Second Coming of Christ at the Destruction of Jerusalem, A. D. 70.’ ”

But this is a lie. Why? Because this very speech, identified precisely the same way, was held not in Chicago, IL but in Washington, D.C. on December 7, 1877. Because he wasn’t in Washington, D.C. on December 7 1877 but was rather practicing law in Chicago. He is deliberately covering something up and protecting someone. Who? His handlers? Someone else would have to have taken out this ad and given the speech.

He continued, “The next morning the Chicago Tribune gave me about three-quarters of a column — what they called a report of the lecture, setting it forth in rather unfavorable light, ridiculing me, etc., making fun of the failure of it, and the publication did me a great deal of harm. It brought me into contact … ”.

This speech occurred in Chicago, IL January 1877, not in Washington, D.C. December 7 1877. Read the news clippings and note the impossibility of this referring to some other speech:


Now, we’ll zoom back so you can see the dates:


And once again:


But how do we know that this was a Washington, D.C. paper? First, look at the title and google it. That is a Washignton, D.C. paper. Second, look at the paper. There are numerous D.C. place names there. But lets not be silly. Giteau was in jail in NYC throughout December, 1877 for embezzlement and most of those years he was in Chicago or WI with his sister. Someone was trying to place him in Washington, D.C. for a considerable time. Newspapers of the day reported that Giteau had only arrived in Washington, D.C. just days before the assassination and they even interviewed hotel staff.  Why did he need to be in Washington so long? Could it be because his actual handlers were in Chicago and people there knew about it? The original copy of the original can be found at the library of congress …


But it gets worse. Conceivably Gautieu might have traveled somewhat frequently between WI and IL if his sister lived in WI and they were not too far away. But it stretches all credulity that an indigent man (his legal practice was an abysmal failure) in the late 1800’s could so freely travel between Chicago and Washington, D.C. In fact, we know he didn’t.

On Monday, November 28th, Mrs. Scoville’s [Gautieau’s sister] testimony was continued as follows:

“He [Gautieu] visited her in Wisconsin in the summer of 1875. This time he was full of wild ideas about establishing a great newspaper, buying the Chicago Inter-Ocean, etc. Then she described how the prisoner soaped the hickory trees, and insisted that, if they were not apple trees, they were certainly peach trees. He became very violent about it, but the witness was very much amused. The prisoner that summer spent most of his time reading the newspapers and a Testament which he kept in his pocket. He said he was preparing to go in with Moody and Sankey. Finally, the witness’ son, Louis, would not stand any more nonsense from her brother, and put him off the place without her knowledge. She was very much worried about him, but a day or two afterward he rode past with a lady, and tipped his hat to the witness, as if to say he was all right. On his return she sent him to the cottage kept by the hired man, where he spent a couple of days.

The witness testified that in the summer of 1877, her brother Charles was still interested in some big scheme, lecturing [he was back in Wisconsin]. He denounced everybody who did not believe as he did, and said they were going to hell. He used to talk with one of the boarders at Beaver Lake — Mr. ‘Burrows — on the subject of the second coming of Christ, until she told him he must not talk to her boarders. Her brother never bore any malice. It was remarkable that he never laid up anything against anybody. In this respect she thought he was silly. Her brother had always been in dead earnest about everything. She never knew him to do as other young men in regard to games, or swimming, or anything of that kind. In ladies’ society he was always very polite and pleasant.  


  1. President William [mid. nomen nescio] McKinley, United States of America, 25th in succession to office of same. Prior public service; United States Army honorably discharged with rank of Captain, 1865, Governor of the State of OH. Born 29 January, 1843 at Niles, OH; expired 14 September, 1901, 2:15 a.m. at Buffalo, NY. President McKinley was succeeded as President of the United States by President Theodore [mid. nomen nescio] Roosevelt, United States of America (born 27 October, 1858 at NY, NY; expired 6 January, 1919 at Oyster Bay, NY).
    1. President McKinley took the bimetallism idea a step further and negotiated with France to try to adopt an international bimetallism standard. Such an agreement would have not only bypassed and obsoleted the central banks in the United States, it would have killed the very concept of central banking globally. This would be international banking’s worst nightmare.
    2. On 5 September 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, McKinley gave a speech before 50,000 onlookers in which he spoke of his plans for his next term (having just been re-elected), the focus of which was his discussion of the international monetary system and his ideas on bimetallism. Just before this while they were in CA his wife Ida fell ill for unknown reasons and speeches on the same topic were cancelled there. At another speech the next day and at the same location, Leon Czolgosz shot him twice in the abdomen.leon_Czolgosz
    3. Leon Czolgosz (born at Alpen, MI on 1873; expired 29 October, 1901 at Auburn Prison, Auburn, NY) would later claim that he was heavily influenced by Anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, despite being a registered Republican. Both Goldman and Berkman were extreme enemies of capitalism and banking having attempted to murder a man high in the hierarchy of a Carnegie corporation. He spoke very little but his last words before being executed were, “I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people – the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime.” Czolgosz attempted to ingratiate himself with the Anarchist movement but was rebuffed because he was perceived to be an infiltrator. Subsequent investigation showed that he had no ties or communication with either Goldman or Berkman and couldn’t have been as influenced by them as he claimed. Curiously, after Czolgosz’s execution Goldman went into hiding and very little was seen of her since.
    4. Curiously, President Lincoln’s son, Robert Lincoln, was at the scene when Garfield was shot and murdered. Just as he had been in the case of the murder of President Garfield. What was Robert Lincoln, his own father also a President and murdered, doing at the crime scene of both of these rather noteworthy murders? [Author’s two cent opinion: because there was a splinter in the Rothschild family when a son decided to have a child secretly with … oh my god … a commoner, and a line of cousins came along that deeply opposed the designs of their kindred. There were two camps, both at war with each other and still at it today]


  1. Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden, U.S. House of Representatives, United States of America. Prior public service; United States Army honorably discharged with rank of Captain, 1865, Governor of the State of OH. Born 25 July, 1876 at Granville Center, Troy Township, Bradford County, PA; expired 1 October, 1936 at NYC. Succeeded by Congressman Charles Elmer Dietrich (born 30 July, 1889 at Tunkhannock, PA; expired 20 May, 1942 at Tunkhannock, PA).
    1. Apparently there was at least one attempt on his life that was thwarted, a second attempt that was arguably an attempt at poisoning but never confirmed, then a third incident in NYC that killed him. All three are suspicious and the last two were never definitively resolved as to their nature and cause.
    2. In the third, final and lethal “attempt” he was in NYC visiting with his wife and son in late September 1936, when he was taken ill at  his hotel and died shortly thereafter in the Hospital for ruptured and crippled in Manhattan. The cause of death was officially listed as coronary thrombosis. He was interred in East Canton Cemetery in Canton, PA. Cause and nature of death indeterminate at this time.
    3. While we’ve not yet found what specific action he might have taken to undermine central banking or banking interests, he was extremely hostile toward banking interests, perhaps more so than anyone in history. However, psychopaths tend to be concerned with what people do, not what they say, so it is unclear what his role could have been. The key discovery would be, however, if there was some action taken that would have enabled the U.S. Treasury to start emitting currency, however the scheme actually worked in all its detail.


  1. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, United States of America. Prior public service; United States Navy honorably discharged with rank of Lieutenant, 1945, United States Senator. Born 29 May, 1917 at Brookline, MA; expired 22 November, 1963, 12:30 p.m. local time at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, TX. President Kennedy was succeeded as President of the United States by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, United States of America (born August 27, 1908 at Stonewall, TX; expired 22 January, 1973 at Stonewall, TX).dbThomas_Front_PageThrough the years controversy raged over a police recording from Dealey Plaza where the murder took place, some claiming it indicated multiple shooters. But the techniques at those times were insufficient to conclusively determine (A) whether or not one or more firearms were discharged that day and (B) if the recordings heard were even of the correct event (as opposed to a later event in the motorcade processsion). All rational debate ended in 2000 when the scientific analysis using software on more powerful computers allowed a definitive conclusion based on the physics of sound propagation and how it behaves when it strikes solid objects (and thus the study of the echoes of shots as well as the shots themselves). Not only could it be verified that the purported shots were in fact gunshots and occurred in Dealey Plaza at (A) exactly the correct time in the motorcade (notwithstanding lengthy and labored arguments to claim otherwise about “where” on the “dicatphone” the recordings were and their temporal sequencing thereon), but they knew that (B) two shots came from two different directions, they knew (C) the caliber and (D) missile velocity of each round fired, (E) the number of rounds fired and (F) the exact location of the shooters; the software indicating one of them situated directly within the very same supposed window on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in which it had been claimed Oswald was firing, its margin of error fitting inside the window itself. This study was quietly ignored by the media and most Americans never heard anything of it. Indeed, most conspiracy theorists investigating it have never heard of this peer-reviewed study. There were two gunmen, the other one firing one round from in front of the President, in the infamous grassy knoll exactly where the fence turns, just as railroad yard witnesses said many years ago when they reported two men behind the fence assembling, firing, and disassembling a rifle, then putting it in the trunk of a car they clearly identified and the car speeding off around the back side of the Texas School Book Depository, never to be seen again. The witnesses reported the two men appeared to be of dark complexion wearing plaid clothing. They were too far away to say more.Lee Harvey Oswald
  2. Oswald, or at least the general public, did not know the exact route of the motorcade until it was published 2 ½ days before the assassination. Since it passed directly in front of the building where Oswald worked, clearly Oswald either initiated the conspiracy or someone else had the juice to have the route directed to Oswald’s place of work. The problem with the former is that it is inconceivable that a professional hit could be put together at a random location on such a short notice. In other words, how could a modest man like Oswald conjure up the mighty forces needed to perform such an operation by dropping this demand on them only 2 ½ days before the event?


It seems that if there were more than one shooter, and we now know there were, then any collaborator would have been a consummate professional who would not simply wait for Oswald to realize that, oh, gee, the motorcade will be passing by my place of work so I’ll take a potshot at him. It’s ludicrous. Either President Kennedy’s motorcade was directed to that location, implying a highly influential collaborator, or Oswald’s job was directed to that location just before (highly unlikely as a ditzy and simple-minded housewife got him that job) OR the moon is made of cheese.


The motorcade was controlled and that follows necessarily from the D.B. Thomas study of 2000 aforementioned. Some detractors tried to claim in the earlier audio analyses that the gunshots examined were some other sounds because the recording occurred at the wrong
place on the tape and was of sounds recorded on the way to Parkland Memorial
Hospital. But when the D.B. Thomas study “fingerprinted” these impulses as
having uniquely originated from Dealey Plaza, the little discussion that had
started abruptly ended and the D.B. Thomas study fell into a deliberate
obscurity. It was never mentioned by the media and only one or two people
brought it up on internet discussion boards, the detractors never able to even
respond to it. It showed with scientific certainty that the proposition of their being less than two gunners was inconceivable and virtually impossible.


  1. From Wikipedia: John J. McCloy was asked by Lyndon Baines Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission. He did. He was a banker and served as chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank from 1953 to 1960 and as chairman of the Ford Foundation from 1958 to 1965; he was also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1946 to 1949, and then again from 1953 to 1958, before he took up the position at Ford.
  2. From 1954 to 1970, McCloy was chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations in New York (Chatham House), to be succeeded by David Rockefeller, who had worked closely with him at the Chase Bank. McCloy had a long association with the Rockefeller family, going back to his early Harvard days when he taught the young Rockefeller brothers how to sail. He was also a  member of the Draper Committee, formed in 1958 by Eisenhower.
  3. WTF was this man doing on a murder investigation?
  4. On December 6, 1963, just after John Kennedy had been murdered, Lyndon Baines Johnson awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with “Special Distinction”.john_J_McCloy
  5. As with so many urban legends, people on both sides repeatedly can’t get the facts straight. Executive Order 11110 signed by President Kennedy in the summer of 1963 did in fact bypass the Federal Reserve, despite what some on Wikipedia and elsewhere want to believe. No, the order never specified what redemption amount would be “ordered” nor did it require any of this. All it did was to say that “temporarily” (notably with no sunset provision) the U.S. Treasury would print “silver certificate” paper notes in exchange for a deposition in the Treasury of silver by anyone who wanted to do so. No, of course this doesn’t “abolish” the fed or some other such nonsense. But some of the people on Wikipedia seem to have a severe handicap when it comes to induction, common sense, human nature and seeing the big picture generally. The point of the Order was to destroy the Fed by causing everyone to go to a tool of exchange that everyone in finance knew would be dramatically preferred over the existing Fed notes. Why that is so hard for some to understand I’m not sure, but the point is that President Kennedy was attempting an end run around the Fed just as Garfield and McKinley had done with their bimetal concepts. It was a politically clever means of subverting the Fed, not an overt order to do so. But the Fed interests are not stupid and do not write for Wikipedia, so they knew what all this meant.
  6. President Johnson personally, not by Executive Order, ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to recall the silver certificates President Kennedy had circulated up to that point. It was done almost immediately and the Treasury Secretary’s order is public knowledge. President Johnson got the picture and got it fast. Several years later President Reagan, in an effort to clean up the whole stack of all Executive Orders and remove redundancy, waste, etc., would sign an Executive Order formally rescinding President Kennedy’s Order.
  7. McCloy also became a named partner in the Rockefeller-associated prominent New York law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. His nickname was “Chairman of the American Establishment”. Quite.


  1. Congressman Larry Patton McDonald, House of Representatives, United States of America, born 1 April, 1935 at Atlanta, GA; expiration unknown LKA 1 September, 1983 at or near Moneron Island, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Prior Service: Flight Surgeon, United States Navy, rank and discharge status unknown. Congressman McDonald was succeeded in the office of same by George Darden (born 22 November, 1943 at Hancock County, GA and extant).
    1. McDonald was an admirer of Austrian Economics and a member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he was an advocate of tight monetary policy in the late 1970s to get the economy out of stagflation, and advocated returning to the gold standard. In the Congressional Record McDonald repeatedly referred to the Monetary Policy system of the United States as criminal. But he was not of exactly the same stripe as Ron Paul, whom he often worked with. Why? Because here again he was proposing that novel twist on precious metal standards: the U.S. Treasury would print paper certificates upon deposit of gold, the same thing all the others had proposed and not a particularly common way of doing it. Notice that this particular system in all cases would have caused a massive business rampage away from Fed notes to the much cheaper and less onerous certificates.
    2. McDonald was quote as saying that, “the Rockefellers intended to control – first our own country, and then the world!” He went on to state. “Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, yes I do. I am convinced there is a plot, national and international.”
    3. larry_Patton_McDonald_About_Criminal_Monetary_Policy
    4. Hours before 1 September, 1983 Congressman Larry McDonald’s Boeing 747 commercial flight to Seoul, Korea lifted from the tarmac at Anchorage, AK and, instead of flying to Seoul, Korea, “accidentally” flew to the Soviet Union. In fact, it flew to a very specific place within the USSR in which a massive war game was going on in which the U.S. Navy and Air Force were harassing and provoking the Soviet air force in order to try to get them to energize their radar systems. The civilian plane managed to “accidentally” light up the entire eastern coastal air defenses of the USSR and the phone and communications systems used by the Soviet military to communicate with Moscow, so much so in fact that it gave the U.S. intelligence services years of data to pore over. It was a bonanza for President Reagan’s efforts to collect this vital air defense information. After cruising through the USSR for hours, the Soviet Air Force finally shot Larry McDonald’s plane down. This is a very long story, but recent investigations reveal that it is almost certain that some of the souls aboard survived a crash landing on the water off the coast of Moneron Island. The Congressman’s disposition is unknown to this day.
    5. And this also is quite a long story, but we now know that KAL 007 was deliberately employed to antagonize the Soviet air force and cause them to energize their radar systems. U.S. reconnaissance aircraft were all around KAL 007 while this was going on. KAL 007 was being tracked, paralleled and followed by a U.S. Air Force RC-135, the most sophisticated airborne electronic eavesdropping machine in existence at that time. Why do this with any civilian human beings on board, particularly a Congressman? Unless you want to kill him. They (the military) were asking for it.
    6. Apparently, the navigational avionics on the 747 were either malfunctioning or deliberately modified. KAL 007 was photographed at a military airbase outside Washington, D.C. just about 4 days before this flight at a secure location of the airport where avionics modifications for the NSA are made to aircraft. The U.S. media and government tried to deny this but the Soviets had already released the picture into the public domain. WTF was this civilain plane routinely ferrying non-combatant men, women and children around the world doing in an NSA electronic warfare modification hangar four days before, due to a “navigational” error, “accidentally” flying into the Soviet Union for hours, right through a bee-hive of U.S. military intelligence war games?


The deaths of Senators John Tower and John Heinz in 1991, both men having served on banking and finance committees and both dying in plane crashes within one day of each other are highly suspicious. But we don’t have enough information to sort his out … yet.


Senator John Tower


Senator John Heinz Banking, housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Committee on Banking and Currency for 40 years. He was a leading opponent in the 98th Congress of Senator Jake Garn’s proposal, contained in an overall banking deregulation bill, to allow banks to deal in securities through subsidiaries. Defending the interests of the securities industry, which opposed the provision, Heinz waged a lengthy but losing battle against it on the Senate floor.  Recognized as a specialist in economic affairs, Heinz took a strong nationalistic stance on money matters. He frequently spoke out against the rapidly increasing number of takeovers of American banks by foreign investors and institutions. In November 1979, Heinz appended to a bank deregulation bill an amendment calling for a six-month moratorium on foreign purchasers of American commercial banks, but the parent measure never became law.


On September 11, 2001 a massive attack against civilian targets in the United States was conducted that morning. Forget about the inside job. What is disturbing in light of the fraction of the history we’ve presented here is that virtually every target we can say with certainty was intended as such was related to banking and fianace; the insider trading on airline stocks beforehand, the financial audits looking for trillions of missing dollars at the newly constructed section in the Pentagon, the direct, pinpoint collision of massive airliners directly into the floors where the all-hands meetings were being held at the financial firms in which all employees were told to come with all their evidence of irregularity and meet that very morning, the suspicious collapse of another financially conspicuous building, building number 7 (possibly brought down by a civil defense self destruct explosive system installed when the building was built) and on and on. That is what makes 9/11 so fascinating. The blood just rolls on. But here’s the telling part: if multiple murders were required by 9/11 then the perpetrators are losing control of the situtation. They know it and they’re terrified. They are desperate. 9/11 was desperation in sheer terror. Blood is going to roll when the millions around the world wake up to the blatant truth.

So the blood rolls on. I have one word that just keeps coming to mind …


– kk

Victor Van Houten

J. Manley

Frita Fromm

A rather shocking and incredible article on 9/11 can be found here. It is hte hardest hitting, most complete investigation I’ve ever seen leaving the reader with no doubt that the official story is a sham. You can learn all about the background as far as the banking is concerned by visiting http://federalism.jux.com and watching the videos there.

Sadly, over the years, as these fascist interests took control of virtually all the worlds governments, traditional statespersons had no choice but to go along and try to get what they could through a strained environment of lopsided negotiation, acquiescing to the authority of the masters in exchange for being allowed to continue in some limited, publicy presentable role. They’re all just sycophants, mime artists and circus clowns now. So, don’t pick on Bush for like all the others he’s just a useful idiot. It is the entire program and theme of the Anne-Marie Slaughter Fallacy. These calls for a New World Order by politicians are just their fondly hoping and dreaming that when the internatoinal bankers do take over the world that they will be given some meaningful role in exchange for their priror support in accomplishing it. It’s the end product of the sick process of Stockholm Syndrome.

Some time ago it was easier to control a million people than to kill them. Now it is easier to kill a million people than to control them. Let the blood roll and liberty will be the victor. Bring it on. You, The People, are the only thing they fear. And boy do they ever fear you. The brutal and savage killing of a man most in his country thought of as a national hero, Quadaffi, has elaborated their deteriorating condition and no army they can muster will stop it.. It is up to you to take them down. And you can do that by spreading this infromation as far and wide as possible. You can illuminate everyone … everywhere. Educate yourself about the real world, not Oz, not their tired and predictable bullshit and not entertainment. No, learn about what is really going on and do everything you can to stop it. A great place to start is by joining the cause of the true admirers of the human freedom and liberty of the human soul, the black sheep of a sick family now turned to the light, the General Federalist Law Society, open to all.

See you on the other side,

– kk


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