The Real Foundations of Political Ponerology

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Like all of us beginning at a ripe young age, even Albert Einstein, was psychologically conditioned by anti-social abuse borne of a vicious cycle of the piling on of moral hazards in society. The same phenomenon destroyed Rome and it is an identifiable historical pattern.

Hi all,

Over the last few days you might have noticed I’ve been posting on a collection of related ideas that will now hopefully paint a more complete picture of where I intended to go when I started that exercise.

I’ve mentined the meaning and value of rule of law. I’ve mentioned how it hardly exists anywhere in the world today, contrary to what we here in the States are being told over and over. And I’ve mentioned how a breakdown of rule of law can lead to moral hazards, not just in government but in business, society, culture and education as well. And thats what makes the subornation of rule of law so insidious, for even a healthy, virtuous society can ultimately be destroyed to barbarity given enough time in a lawless, corrupt and moral hazard filled social structure.

And the process is a vicious cycle. For the subornation of rule of law begets moral hazards. Then moral hazards beget more subornation of rule of law. The victims are the citizens so affected by it, sometimes not even in the country where the subornation of rule of law began in the first place. We saw this in the case of Iceland which I recently wrote about. But now … the big picture. What is all this doing to humanity as a whole?

It is exponentially increasing the odds that humanity will soon become extinct. This can be seen by simply following the vicious cycle, one playing out for over 100 years in the United States so far. As rule of law weakens more and more the social contract itself, which is in truth simply an instrument of laws, disappears. Anarcy; effective or explicit is the inheritance of the insouciant. So, it is a fair and legitimate question to ask where did this begin, and how did it begin?

To be fair and complete, it really begin with super-alpha males who lusted for power and had no desire for rule of law in the first place. And back then this avarice didn’t threaten all of humanity.

And that is the key problem here.

Times have changed and now the ambitions and subjective objects of the most powerful super-alpha males in the world very much have the ability to annihilate humanity. Don’t assume for one second that powerful means ingenious: a powerful and succssful super alpha need not be Albert Einstein. This human avarice of a hyper lust for power and control is about to kill us … all of us, unless the weaker remainder, which vastly outnumbers them, can garner the initiative and drive to act and tear it down.

Is it any surprise that women are better credit risks than men? Or that female dominated parliaments ruled in countries that remained at peace – and were never attacked – for over 300 years? And that those same countries now have the highest living standards in the world? This is not to bash males, it is to point out that the sexes apparently do in fact have differences, taught or dictated by nature, that could provide clues here. We’ll come back to this.

What is killing humanity is the large-scale accretion of the powers of super alphas globally, in a way technology didn’t allow even 2 or 300 years ago. These once necessary evils, or put more fairly to them, these necessary left pathers, have now transformed into something nature never intended. It is fatal. And what neo-liberal western democracy has done is that it has turned out to be the shining city on a hill as the exponent of the mechanism by which the global catastrophe ultimately plays out. In other words, its the engine under the hood that drives the behavior and cooperation of the super alphas. It does this by the vicious cycle born of the structural vulnerability inherent in the philosophical underpinnings of neo-liberal democracy itself and the ensuing cycle whereby moral hazards are produced consequent to the structural vulnerability. And because that structural vulnerability never just goes away, everyone just complains and talks about how to repackage it with all sorts of “isms”. The same moral hazards just produced by the initiating structural foible then, in cyclic fasion, undermine that “structure” of rule of law yet again. The process just repeats. After 200 or so years of this the structure is gone, the streets are full of blood and the leaves of liberty are shaken strongly with the blood of what usually ends up being that of the oppressed more than the abuser.

Now, as for the personalities that fill these roles in the broken system as it ages and collapses in a kind of slow-motion train wreck, because the process is one of compounding moral hazard it has no alternative but to appeal most to those most comfortable with the most moral hazards. Like a 50 Tesla magnet pulling an iron coin from one centimeter away, the “system” draws the most pathological maniacs society has to offer to fill these roles. The entire system is fatal from the start. That is why General Federalists believe that moral hazards are de facto a weapon of mass destruction. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that the banking industry was set up long ago to siphon your wages by as much as an order of magnitude, stealing your wealth and leaving you with scraps … basically slavery. And it shouldn’t be surprising that we are lied to or that things like the impropriety of events surrounding the attacks of 9/11 appear more and more obvious as each year passes.

The point I’ve tried to make here is that when governments like the United States become dysfunctional it isn’t just some institutional or theoretical failure of the “ideology” upon which it is based. It is a social and cultural phenomenon – one could argue a flaw or weakness – that gets magnified exponentially over the generations due to the smallest and seemingly most unremarkable institutional defects at the beginning of the experiment. So, that too, is why General Federalists regard global rule of law as a much, much tougher proposition than merely contemplating the social contracts of individual nations.

And in this vein, it is particularly insidious that a system such as the neo-liberal democracy tends to minimize favorable human characteristics and maximize unfavorable human characterstics continuously over many generations, inhering these changes over time in culture. It is dark … and witchy. But its obvioulsy not sustainable.

Not only for the sake of durability, but out of a love of virtue alone, anyone speaking of global rule of law is not a little conspicuously unconcerned about these things when they talk of building a world governance with no constitution, no public discussion and no institutions or voter suffrage. And topping that list of suspicious insouciance is the total ignorance given to the question of the role of international banking continuing “as usual” with no reform or change whatsoever, the same banks that have raped and impoverished third world countries all over for decades with deliberately predatory “loan” practices. The problem isn’t global rule of law per se, the problem is whose global rule of law? Theirs or yours? Indeed, the problem is that the greatest secret of all of human history is much more mundane and simple than most might think. The secret is that you are all slaves and don’t even know it. “Illuminati” my ass. It’s the slavery, stupid (facetiously stated). For if you are being paid only 1/10 of the amount to which you are entitled, does it look not a little like you are simply being paid enough to survive and keep working … kinda like slaves are? And yes, its true, whatever industry or career you work in you are, generally speaking, about ten times wealthier than you ever knew. Its just that the remaining 9/10 is being stolen from you and that is the secret so many are terrified about the public discovering. It is Brzenzski’s Great Awakening so many people I know are so scared of. Before you discount this – as easy as that is to do – I’d point out that all of this becomes rather lucid with a good reading of the work “An Introduction to General Federalism” found here (<-link). I strongly recommend it. There are videos of it on as well. A friend plans to do a documentary on this soon to explain it more thoroughly and accurately than we think it ever has been.

So, to understand the sociopathic nature of the inter-social (and anti-social) abuse this causes, we can refer to one of my other posts where I explained in detail how human beings strive to protect themselves and their emotions from the shock of being forced to act against their conscience; that infamous Misinformation Effect. I wrote about it just a few days ago. Only recently are psychologists beginning to realize that this is the most extreme form of emotional abuse and one ubiquitously perpetrated against citizens of nation-states.

In conclusion, we know now that in its canonical, mature form the western, neo-liberal democracy which throughout human history has carried any number of names, from Shylock to Bernanke, nurtures and insinuates to its most visible zenith the cult of personality, the Great Dissemblers, who become died in the wool agents of the organic power structures of that society headed by a cabal whose eclat is their misty and thin apparition, their silent march across our lands, their ephemeral passage through history and their personality exposed only by the astute who observe that witchy concurrence of the acts of super-alpha maniacs and these ghosts of history. And now, to their trepidation and horror, vast technological change warmly invites the billions of tired and poor innocents to elaborate the condition: the Emperor no longer dons the invisible cloak. And we are become the Final World Order.

– kk


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