I love “Amerukuh”


Hi letter writers,
So, I don’t believe in censorship, but I’ve had a couple of friends basically beg me to take an article down. I did, but only because they had a really good reason. Related to that point, the quesiton has come up again so I’m going to answer it again. Kir, do you hate “America”? No. I am not anti-“Amerukuh”, anti-CFR, anti-Anne-Marie Slaughter, anti-neoliberalism, anti-multilateralism, or whatever. What’s the right way to say this? … hmm … we’re a part of the same school of thought attending different classes and if I had to make a choice I’d choose you guys anyday. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a loud mouth, want to complain and want to share witchy-progressive ideas. I am painfully idealistic; to the point of being drunk on it. So, everything is relative so stop worrying, your family is bigger than you realize. And Michah Zenko, keep pushing the limits, you have a fan club. Cheers,

– kk


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