A Gentle Intro to General Federalism

Hi all,

As I update my stuff I’m letting everyone know whenever any of the more important docs change. This is a new doc that introduces the concepts of general federalism. Definitely a good and quick read. You can view it here or by just clicking the link below.


Also, watch for a new video series on General Federalism which you can find here.
– kk

  1. federalism is derived from the Latin word “feodus” which means formal agreement or covenant. As the matter of fact, federalism is being practice in other countries. It seems not to make it have one acceptable definition by the scholars.

    • Hi,
      It sounds that way, though the Federalism I’m describing here is a particular kind of Federalism. In my country, federalism usually just refers to some basic principles such as subsidiarity, symmetry, etc.

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