How do I know that your god is The One, True God?

The following is part of a Series called Conversation with a Deconverter.

Hi all,

This conversation started here with my page called “Conversation with a Deconverter”. After asking two preliminary questions I think we’re ready to return to the main question I wanted to pose to any adherent out there who could answer it.

The answer we received to Question Number Two came from Mia:

Hey, okay, then this is a weird question. These guys (and gals I guess) are so good at this I can’t really tell? And I guess that is your point? Obviously, if they really are this good then there is no way for me to know.
I would obey none of them, but then go to jail anyway. So, I don’t know of any good answer to this.
~ Mia

I’ll repeat here that this is not a debate, I’m just asking questions to help answer this question by illustration and illumination. Here’s the main question now:

How do I know that your god is The One, True God?

Related to that, how is this question materially different than the question about The One, True Police Officer?

– kk

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  1. Okay, I’ve spoken with some Christian and Islamic friends and I have the best answer I can offer. Could it be that a believer would say, “you can’t answer this question for everyone, only by your faith can you know this”. That’s what I was thinking and that is what I’m hearing. So, that’s my answer, Mia

  2. Okay, forgot, this question is not any different than the one before except that faith is involved in the last one.

    • Hey Mia,
      Okay, so what we’re saying then, is that we can only know who The One, True God is if we already believe that this god is The One, True God; which seems circular. In other words, you (or your friends) are saying that only by first having faith in a presumably already identified One, True God can one say they have identified The One, True God, right? Is this circular?
      – kk

      • Well, I see your point, yes it would be circular. So, what I think you’re saying is that we would have to believe, or have “faith”, in each god out there, one by one, and go through the list, until we could identify The One, True God by “faith”, which is not feasible if there are over 1000 gods to choose from? In that case, no, this is not any different than the cop question and there is no way I can see to answer this question.

        • Hey Mia,
          Right, that is what puzzles me. So, if its okay, I am going to ask some more questions to see if we can bracket this conversation and maybe get a little closer to answering that question some other way. I’ll post a new question next.
          – kk

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