Evangelical Atheism

Another Evangelical Atheist who dealt a heavy blow to the abuse of Religion

Hi all,

This is mostly for atheists, so if you are an adherent it might not interest you.

I posted this open question piece on thinkatheist and wanted to reprint it here as well. Here is that posting:

I dislike labels which is why I don’t call myself an atheist. I just happen to be one. But sometimes labels are needed for the sake of categorization and for conveying purpose and meaning. Me and my family are technically best described as Evangelical Atheists. The word “Evangelical” simply means “bringing good news”.

Evangelical Atheism is a very positive form of atheism which avers that freeing people of religion is a good thing and that life is better without religion. It treats adherence to religion as prima facie abuse. At its core, it really just means you’re an active deconverter, and that is probably the best operational definition.

It is distinguished from “New Atheism” or “Radical Atheism” in that it has its own form of Taqiyah in a sense: an Evangelical Atheist by their very nature must be pragmatists, which means that if they want to succeed at deconversion they have to earn the trust of adherents first. In this sense, it is not nearly as hostile to religion as the more overt forms of Atheism – at least to the extent that this hostility is visible to adherents.

A good deconverter and thus a good Evangelical Atheist, imo, is one who is publicly neutral on anything not related to Evangelical Atheism. They are apolitical, muticultural, non-nationalistic, etc.

From my experience it looks like this breed of Atheism is rare, or at least somewhat unusual. I was wondering if there were any of you out there and also:

Do you also believe that in order to save humanity from itself we need to extirpate religion?

This is also a core belief of Evangelical Atheism. And Evangelical Atheism is a form of strong Atheism.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know anyone’s thoughts on this subject.

– kk

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  1. Grundy said:

    Being publicly neutral on other topics is hard, because privately we surely aren’t. I don’t think there is anything wrong with airing feelings on related issues. You write a blog, I imagine running out of content if every post was simply “religion sucks.”

    But maybe not, there are a lot of different aspects of religion. In this way, I don’t universally try to deconvert people. If believing a little myth makes someone happy without negative side effects, what do I care. The only problem is, there are usually negative side effects.

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