Triaging Deconversion: Islam

“Dear Atheists, We Ex-Muslims Are Waiting For You”

One of the frustrating things I’ve encountered with deconversion is the fact that most westerners are, understandably, fixated on Christianity. But truly, the gravest injustices and hardest chains to break are those of Islam. I say that with some reserve, but in most cases it is true. Ceteris Paribus, the successful deconversion of a Muslim, in my experience, is about three times less likely than the successful deconversion any given Christian adherent. I came across an article today that I thought was especially moving and I wanted to reprint it here. And the author is spot-on regarding the issue at hand. I encourage all atheists who are reading this to take an active role in helping deconvert as many Muslims as possible, understanding that significant support structures are needed for these abuse victims. For help on how to deconvert, you can download my free book on the subject, On the Means and Methods of Mass Deconversion. Its probably more like an operations guide than a book. Its a short, easy read on the techniques of deconversion and I recommend that every atheist read it.
Here’s the story:
June 26, 2012  By

Reddit user zulaikha_idris makes a good point:

Dear Atheists, we ex-muslims are waiting for you guys to get over Christianity and start waging war against Islam for a change. Yeah, sure it’s really fun and all bashing the Bible, fundies, priests, young earthers, the pope, etc, but really don’t you guys think that it’s time to shift at least some attention to Islam?

We ex-muslims are a very small minority, and there’s really nothing we can we really do to change anything. We can’t form orgnaizations or voice our thoughts in most Muslim countries. We practically have no rights whatsoever besides the right to go to jail or be hanged or beheaded for our blasphemy.

But the voice of millions of atheists like all of you would significantly help us. It brings into world attention our plight, and all the horrible things Islam is responsible for, and how it has oppressed and destroyed many of our lives. It would at least help change some laws that would benefit us ex-muslims.

I heard that Ayaan Hirsi Ali (an exmuslim) has replaced Hitchens as the one of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism. Maybe this is a cue that we need to concentrate more against the Religion of Peace?

To be fair, many atheist activists have spent time bashing Islam but it’s not nearly enough. While Christianity still deserves our attention since it’s the dominant faith in America, the role of Islam around the world demands our action.

As it is practiced around the world, Islam is a consummation of all the worst that religion has to offer:

  • Cult-like isolation from other world views means generation after generation is born into ignorance.
  • Circumcision of boys and girls because healthy children aren’t born perfect; they must have a knife taken to their genitals.
  • Leaving the faith means death. Apostasy is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Treating women as sub-human pieces of property that must be beaten into obedience means at least half the population is silenced before they can speak.
  • Personalized angel duo watches you at every moment, keeping a tally of all the good and bad you do so that you can be judged when you die.
  • Reward of heaven is used as an incentive to kill and maim innocent people.
  • Unyielding dogma leaves no room for thoughtful criticism nor humor.
  • Islam means Submission. They want to be slaves to their god; it’s right there in the name.

This is not a religion of peace and we need to be more vocal about calling Muslims out when they perpetuate this lie. Moderate Muslims are softer on some of these points but still adhere to them enough to represent a very broken belief system.

At a recent street fair, I found myself debating Muslims in the booth next to the Seattle Atheists’ booth. They seemed like nice people but one of the men wouldn’t even shake my hand — out of “respect,” he said.

Is there a way to call out these “minor” episodes of dogmatic thinking to moderate Muslims in a way that fosters dialogue with them?

If there is anything you can do I urge you to help. You can email me at if you would like to offer your services but don’t know how. There are lots of things you can do, regardless of your skill set. Thank you!

– kk

English: Kaaba at the heart of Mecca. As the n...

English: Kaaba at the heart of Mecca. As the night goes on pilgrims visiting the Holy House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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