That Evil Little Thang

As some of you may recall I published a post about an atheist student that went to court with the ACLU to object to a public prayer posted at her school, which you can find here.

I noted the all-too familiar tale of atheists being persecuted for their beliefs. I came to learn nearly a year later that Jessica had indeed suffered quite a bit of harrassment from a State she seemed to quickly lose faith in, Rhode Island. Funny, I had a similar falling out with a backward State myself, that State being the backward, ignorant State of Georgia. In any case, one of Rhode Island’s August Statesmen, a State Represenative with the jacked-up name Peter Polombo, called Jessica that “evil little thing”. Damn, that sounds so familiar. I was called a “pest” and a “troublemaker”. How is it that public officials can be so immature and silly? Oh, never mind.

F*&k Peter. Jessica has since moved on to Florida (for a visit) and maybe she’ll come to California sometime … where things are little more enlightened. Oh, that’s the big news in this post: I just got a voicemail from … Jessica. She’s coming to Petaluma! Good times.

Here’s her interview on CNN where “Peter Boy” was discussed.

Here is an excellent program about Jessica’s case:

My thoughts exactly,

— Jessica Ahlquist’s comment on this pic

Twenty four hours to go, I want to be sedated. Nothing to do, no way to go home, I want to be sedated. Just get me to the airport, put me on a plane. Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane ….

~ The Ramones

That Evil Little Thang and her best friend. Debauch!!!

And a little Christian Love for the Debauch:

Hey, that’s funny, three judges told me the same thing; get the f&*k out of Georgia.

Well, come on. Now I’m ready to close my eyes. Now I’m ready to close my mind. Now I’m ready to feel your hand. And lose my heart on the burning sand.

~ The Stooges

– kk


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