First Hint: the Fifty Million dollar Post

I’d like to hear some funky dixie land, pretty moma gonna take me by the hand. – The Doobie Brothers.

Hi all,

Want to do something fun? You’ll love this, I promise. Download Stellarium and enter the following criteria:

6/21/23433 BCE (summer solstice) @ 7 a.m. due east @ Giza, Egypt 200 m ASL;

What do you see?

The Mayan Calendar started on 6/21/23433 BCE (summer solstice). These events suggest:

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice, 21 June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-23433 BCE (*-1) + 2012 CE = 25445 years before present, which is the exact precession of Earth dating backward from December 21, 2012. A mythical King once lived on Earth for 35 years; and continued to return every 3600 years to rule again. Curiously, Dec 12, 2012 is exactly 3635 * 7 years after -23433 BCE.

The Giza complex is laid out in the form of Orion’s belt. Orion’s belt is sometimes visible in the northern hemisphere and when it is it is almost never positioned to rise vertically (the belt being vertical or perpedicular to the horizon) in the a.m. But it did once in the last 50,000 years. On 6/21/23433 BCE (summer solstice).

And 45 degrees, vertically above that, at that same time of 6/21/23433 BCE (summer solstice), is.

At Giza the King’s and Queen’s “shafts” point to Orion’s belt (Queen’s) and Mars (King’s) at the same time, on 6/21/23433 BCE (summer solstice).

The pyramids are very large, very heavy structures made of a material that is highly resistant to erosion and general degradation. They are sloped inward, very heavy, strongly settled and very immune to geological upheavel. They show evidence of very high precision craftsmanship and machine tooling of stone (ex. smooth, perfectly cylindrical holes drilled several feet through granite). The precision of the surveying and construction is extreme, within one degree of orientation to celestial north. For something that large and heavy that is incredible. Measures of stone joinery are in micrometers; those lying-ass freemasons. For blocks weighing 20 to 70 tons drawn up a mountain from a quarry hundreds of miles away, that is incredible. Why would someone who can build with such a high degree of craftsmanship build … that?

If you were going to leave a marker (identifier) on the ground and an epitaph (bio) to go with it that would last for thousands of years and speak in any language, how would you do it? Assume modern technology. Do you know what was happening on Mars on 6/21/23433 BCE (Earth summer solstice)? I do.

Think about it for a bit, and I’ll have another, follow-up riddle for you. But you’ll have to email me for that (

The season has come. Illuminatio Ubique. Shut your mouth and listen, I’m bringing it. 😉

– kk

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids (Photo credit: EnvironmentBlog)

  1. archaeopteryx1 said:

    RE: “Orion’s belt is rarely visible in the northern hemisphere” – far be it from me to criticize, my friend, but I live in the Northern hemisphere and see Orion’s Belt nearly every night.

  2. Heyyyyyy, that’s no fun. Okay, so you can se it in summertime, right? But it should be very low in winter, if you can see it at all.
    = kk

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