Nobody for President: why I’m not voting

Hi all,

My friends are shocked that I’m not voting. I’m sorry about that. Okay, not really. I’ve talked a lot here about public myth, “neo-liberal western democracy” and how these two things are so intimately connected. So, the problem here is that I am cursed with knowing too much of the truth … not all of it, just too much. It is more than just cliche and cynicism to characterize the American political system as corrupt and one giant example of stagecraft used to further public myth.

The examples are endless and I’ve discussed many here on this site already. But there is one that nags me more than any. It’s the fact that while you are told that there are things like statutes and case law the reality is that the courts of this country do not operate on those grounds at all. Yes, I know. That’s hard to believe, but that is what my experience tells me. They are fundamentally and totally corrupt for the simple reason that decisions of the courts are based on personal relationships, not statute, case law or reasoning of the facts of the case. Indeed, the courts have virtually no time to hear the facts of a case and only hear just enough to make it appear that they are paying attention. If you pay a lot of money for a high priced attorney what you are really paying for is a set of desirable relationships that attorney has with judges in their circuit (or district). That is the essence of corruption.

Everything today is algorithmic, calculated, coated in deliberation, forged in materialism and devoid of any semblance of empathy.

What is so hard for many Americans to come to terms with is the fact that this country is ruled by a power structure that has long historical roots going far back into the 18th century and further in Europe. Things like “neo-liberal western democracy” are mythical constructs (in the truest sense of Zellikow’s public consensus) which are foisted on all of us beginning as early as kindergarten or sooner. We are told about this structure over and over. And yes, it exists, pro forma. But the truth is that what is written on paper is meaningless … and it has been ever since the Treaty that the United States government wrote and signed with the Sioux Nation granting them the entire land area around the Badlands (USG would later mine it for Uranium). It is so sad and depressing to see so many millions of people so horribly misled.

The Noble Dictator Fallacy

There is a school of thought that influences policy makers far, far more than most Americans realize which says that the traditional, organic power structures within a society must be in control of the government and rule the society because to do otherwise would be irresponsible. This idea comes from the premise that “democracy”, or any kind of participatory process engaging the public, must be secondary as a value or ethic to the assertion or rule that a society must set as its first priority the general stability of society; that is, basic law, order and public safety. For most of those abiding this view, the durability of the regime would be included in that.

But watch this sleight of hand: This conclusion is then used to aver that a government that does not submit to the power of the organic, power structure of that society is likewise acting irresponsibly. So, even if a government is a dictatorship, as long as it ensures that the primary goals are achieved and it is a genuine reflection of the organic, power structure of that society, it is acting responsibly. The “reasoning” behind this is that to emplace any weaker party in control of a government would render it vulnerable to collapse or insurrection, thus undermining the primary ethic. These views have been in the public domain for decades but no one reads it … except the “Controllers”, and it is the key to understanding recorded history for the last 1000 years. The gravamen behind the formation of so many political parties, secret societies and protestant religious sects has been the very public myth we’ve discussed: the organic power structures of society have always been a small minoirity and have never been popular with the population. Our collective history is a story of all the machinery, devices, designs, methods and scams devised over time to conceal this simple fact from the “masses”. To understand real history you should base your understanding of it on that fact.

As for a workable approach, this sounds compelling until you advance the clock a few hundred years from 1700 to now. The common denominator in all these designs and schemes is that they are all lies. In other words, to keep the peace amongst the “masses” and to control the countries as they saw fit, they created an illusion of normalcy and fairness that got better and better over the years, maturing to its current form into what we call “neo-liberal western democracy”. The problem however; is that technology is changing the way this works. The internet alone has guaranteed this model cannot work much longer. And the reason is that it depends on lies to work. But the information technologies now swarming all over this modus operandi are going to be its death because they cannot keep secrets like this (and many others) so easily anymore. Public “touch”, or public knowledge of these obscure facts, is spreading and expanding. But most importantly, the ability and capacity for it to spread and expand is itself increasing.


So, the next surprising thing my friends have heard at some point was that I am apolitical. How can that be, they wonder, when that’s all you talk about? Well, let me make some distinctions and it will tie in to the upcoming Presidential election. Conventional Machiavellian politics is simply one more tool in the public myth toolbox. It’s a game to make you think you have a say and that your country is actually something akin to a democracy. My interests lie pretty deeply in economics and law, not politics. In other words, my interest is in the institutions and foundations that generate public policy, not public policy itself. Public policy as it exists today is just a product of a public myth, rendering it the same thing. Some call the subject upon which I focus “political philosophy” but to me it is really nothing but the conjoining of economics and law. In any case, politics for me is like professional wrestling: it’s entertaining but fake.

If you read some of the works on propaganda and public consensus you will find that when deceiving large groups of people one of the key strategies is to provide them with binary choices. This is because the human being will always more easily and naturally make a snap decision and pick one of two selections, even if both choices suck, because of a desire to avoid having to think and get down in the weeds on an issue. If you give them more than two choices they become harder to control or influence in future decisions. This is why our extremely materialistic society (especially so in the States, by considerable margins) is saturated with binary choices; Burger King or McDonalds, Lowes or Home Depot, WalMart or Target, etc. The same people profiting from WalMart are profiting from Target and this well-known fact isn’t widely shared.

And the same is true in politics. Everything is binary. And these binary false choices work because

… the differences between the things – and to some degree the things themselves – being presented for your consideration are mythical anyway.

It’s a deliberate mechanism clearly and plainly described by public myth experts right here in this country writing several decades ago and up to the present and whose works are read and venerated by politicians today. So, there is no real difference between these choices, but elaborate efforts and protocol are put behind it making them appear substantively different. In fact, it is truly astonishing the degree of effort, time and money those who benefit from this have applied to create these illusions, these “false fronts” for virtually every choice they allow the general public to make. Romney and Obama are “stooges” who take orders from the “Controllers”, most of them hanging out in the Harold Pratt House on 58 East 68th Street in the Big Apple. And it isn’t a conspiracy. It’s in the public domain. Has been for decades. They have the same setup in London and elsewhere, all over the globe.  And these people are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. They have great character (most of them) and very desirable human traits. They are models of the “good citizen”. The problem isn’t them per se, its the system we all inherited from hundreds of years of this power structure domination that has always prevailed regardless of ideology. Even in the seemingly rigid ideological landscape of the Soviet Union, these power structures dominated. The Soviet Constitution of 1979 reads beautifully. But much of it was meaningless, kinda like ours in the last several years.

Harold Pratt House

Harold Pratt House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see this as by far the biggest threat to humanity’s continued existence. We have managed to advance our technology to incredible levels, yet our ability to manage society is pathetic, deplorable and barbaric. We still have “nation states”, a bunch of power structures split up into “teams” with the concommitant bullies and victims. We must discard the system in use today and replace it with a transparent, open and sophisticated framework of law and economics. True, it would be one of the grandest accomplishments of all time, but we have what we need to do it. We have the experience, knowledge and minds to do it. But the traditional power structures don’t want it. This must change.

And this is why my argument for change has been to change from within – not me but within the power structures controlling us. The people who are intimately connected to, and in some cases a direct part of, these power structures need to do the right thing, listen to their conscience and speak out as I have. They need to make the choice of their conscience that the status quo for assigning value in society, for providing justice, for economic freedom and for political stability is antiquated; in fact, ancient and in bad need of replacement. Only when courageous people from within decide that this system must reform will it reform. If you want to foster change, protest to those making up the power structures of your societies, wherever you are in the world, because every society has one. We all inherited them from ages past and none of us have figured out how to move beyond it (one of the biggest difficulties people of good conscience are having is realizing that to do this means exposing a lot of lies from the past, and no one wants to be the rat). As an example, my 9/11 article is going to make a lot of people angry, but the truth needs to start flowing

… because that is the conduit of progressive change.

So, my position as apolitical is accurate because I not only see it as a charade, I believe it supports the old power structures and I directly oppose that. So I am expressly opposed to politics. I don’t want to hear it, I don’t like it, I don’t like hearing people argue over it and public policy for me has been and always will be a matter of the application of reason and an abiding love for humanity.

So, no, I couldn’t care less which clown is elected.

– kk

  1. archaeopteryx1 said:

    All that is required for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.

    • You’re back! Nice to see you again. Well, I like to think I am doing something in other ways. We’ll see.

      – kk

      • archaeopteryx1 said:

        “Back”? I haven’t received email notification in quite some time, that you’d posted anything!

        If I were a theist, which we both know I’m not, I’d have a much more simplistic solution – just shoot ’em all, and let god sort it out —

        • well, the population size is rather excessive … 🙂
          – kk

          • archaeopteryx1 said:

            One considering such an approach, should probably pack a lunch —

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