An Eternal Witness to the Search for Truth

Hi all,

Just recently an uncrewed spacecraft de-orbited to the surface of Mars and deployed a mobile science lab with the puerile name “Curiosity”.

Most missions to Mars in the last twenty years, in fact to any place, have been more a waste of time and money than anything else (save maybe Huygens).

But for many reasons this mission will go down in history as one of the greatest; rivaling Viking, Pioneer, Voyager and Venera 9. We’re getting original data on the manner of the distribution of water on Mars, real GCR data we can use, mineral analysis and proofing of the martian de-orbit challenge among many others.

Every free thinker and aware individual should note this mission in their minds and remember it for many years.

I am enamored to tears; bravo to the team at JPL.

Gusev Crater, Mars

– kk


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