I must question your patriotism, Kir

Oil on canvas portrait of Alexander Hamilton b...

Oil on canvas portrait of Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi all,

This question comes up too much, so I’ll answer it here. I am asked if I am a traitor, or if I hate “America”, and other such things.


I believe in the ideals that the United States of America once stood proudly for; that we were a neutral, truly peaceful people who invited the world’s tired, poor and hungry to share in our good fortune. Our country was once a country the world looked to for true justice and liberation. Not so much now. I am dismayed that this positive character is all but completely lost today. So, I am a Patriot of the truest, traditional stripe. So … there.

From the long road back to Boston from Lexington Green made a bloodbath for the best trained, best equipped and most disciplined Army in the world, to Daniel Morgan at the Cowpens in South Carolina, to General Ulysses Grant and to the Little Bighorn in Montana, from the “halls of Montezuma” to the sands of Iwo Jima and from the crossed battleship “T” of Leyte to the return of General Douglas McArthur. From the Chosin river to the Ia Drang Valley and from the liberation of the oppressed in Kuwait to the site of B-52s arriving over a desperate battlefield in Afghanistan; many thousands in our history have given their all to the belief – whether knowingly or not – that all people of this world are entitled to real, genuine justice and that every “Americans” duty was to aid and support the liberation of the oppressed wherever we found them; and not just on paper and in clever semantics, but faithfully so.

And when the radar guided guns of the USS West Virginia found their mark, and the crew of the mighty Yamashiro swam for their lives in the darkest night, when they were cold we brought them heat. When they were wet we dried them and when they were drowning the big, mighty West Virginia cut her screws, put boats in the water and saved them. And word of the deed went out from the face of the Philippine mountains to the deepest blue seas. And far north several hours later the Captain of a Japanese destroyer stood on the bridge wing, ordered the tompions replaced and the machine guns locked, and rendered a thirty minute long hand salute as he passed hundreds of Americans in the water. And the world knew at once our cause was Righteous.

Really, it isn’t a lot to ask for our nation to return to virtue. And the more we have to beg for it the more it sullies our history. I am not a traitor, I am a pissed off Patriot.

And the American public understands this on a deep level, many of their leaders don’t. We are a nation of underdogs and we have a long history of siding with the downtrodden. We are a country where everyday people can speak publicly and directly to our highest elected officials about any matter of justice, however seemingly small to our very busy public officials, candidly and in good faith, and expect a civilized response. We, the last, few, proud standing Patriots, for the one case, will continue to defend not just this nation but the idea that all people of this good Earth are endowed with certain human, inalienable rights that cannot be granted by any earthly power; that all political power is delegated to servants by, and subject to revocation at, the will of The People en masse. No matter the personal price or the enemies we create, we will defend this belief unapologetically and with the zeal of Alexander Hamilton at Yorktown. We will guarantee, for our part, that these glorious colors shall never fade.

gotta go for now

– kk

  1. archaeopteryx1 said:

    Ya got me — when I saw the header, I thought someone was attacking your patriotism, and much like Batman, hastened to your defense. Rather than waste my time and effort, I will continue with that defense regardless of the lack of provocation, in the unlikely event you may have occasion to use it in the future.

    Kir Komrik does not, in my opinion, suffer from lack of patriotism, judging from the several months I have read his posts. I think Emily Dickenson phrased it best:

    “He drew a circle and closed me out,
    I drew a circle, and closed him in.”

    Perspective is all. Kir may have the strongest allegiance to the USA, or he may well have a stronger allegiance to the citizens of the globe. Perspective is all.

    pax vobiscum,

    • “Kir may have the strongest allegiance to the USA, or he may well have a stronger allegiance to the citizens of the globe”

      That’s about as good a compliment as I can imagine. I’d like to think that the correct answer is that my allegiance to both is roughly equal. Thanks – kk

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