Rule of Law? Are you sure?

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

I just replied to another good article over at CFR today by Micah Zenko.

Hi, I enjoyed your article and the examples it provides.

“None of the Darfurian rebels I talked to at that conference could tell me what he was fighting for. ”

This is abhorrent and unconscionable. These people are catching bullets for someone’s margin. Failure to enforce global rule of law to prevent this kind of anarchy could be viewed by future observers as criminal negligence.

If Israel manages to get itself into a conflict with the IRI or any other middle eastern country USG will have little choice but to end the conflict to Israel’s favor. There is too much overlap of the Selfish Actor interests between these two countries to allow the potential for a power vacuum in the middle east, imo.

“Panetta’s comments about the need for tax increases came as he reiterated his long-standing warnings that so-called sequestration – the roughly $600 billion in automatic defense cuts which would take effect if no debt-cutting deal is reached by the end of the year – would hollow out the nation’s armed forces and directly threaten U.S. national defense.”

I would sumit to the reader that the best security option for the United States, and the one with the greatest bang for the buck, would be to spend that 600 billion on international public relations efforts, clandestine operations, de facto bribes of public officials and outright buy-outs of foreign governments and treasuries to press forward for the ratification of a constitution for a General Federation, which I’ve described here ( ->

This would constitute the most dramatic advance in the management of human society in all recorded history. And the United States is the plankowner and proper inheritor of this calling since it was here that federalism, in its nascent stages, was first formulated and put into practice. The United States holds that honor.

“The widely held sentiment inside the U.S. intelligence community remains that the only sure way to ensure that there will be no more 9/11s is, as one current senior administration official starkly put it in a 2009 interview, “We have to kill them all, every last one of them.”

Nice. This “current senior administration offiical” just offiically declared what I’ve known for some time now; Rule of Law is no King in the United States. I would like to thank this administration for finally seeing things clearly and publicly acknowledging the in-practice elision of rule of law in the application in America of Law and Equity.

Now, the next step is to consider the remedy. And the remedy for the latter problem is the former solution.

– kk


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