The Axis of the Old Order

English: Flag of Syria, from 1932-58 and 1961-63.

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Hi all,

Picture PRC, Russian Federation and IRI. A rather interesting piece by Patrick Stewart over at CFR was posted on their website about the double-veto exercised by Russia and China on the latest UN maneuver to encourage regime change in Syria – a regime change with which the west can nicely abide and PRC and Russia cannot stomach.

This because the influence of PRC and Russia in Syria would thence diminish greatly. The bigger games continue to be played while the little powers play the pawns.

Here is my reply:

Thanks for pointing out this continuing pattern of divergent geopolitical direction between the west and the infamous cabal: IRI, Russia, PRC, DPRK, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and perhaps a couple more.

I think what we are seeing are geolpolitical chess moves. Could it be that USG is trying to gain influence in Syria by influencing the regime change that most believe is coming one way or the other?

The IRI, Russia and the PRC especially know the deal and are doing everything they can to curb western global influence. These countries will defiantly resist any compromise on sovereignty and have made it a mantle-piece of their foreign policy. And that’s because the west is out to sink it.

So, perhaps Russia and PRC (being members on the Security Council) are simply doing what they’ve been doing by trade with the IRI, shenanigans in Africa and the games it has played to foster terrorism (oops, did I say that?); maybe they are simply trying to frustrate western geopolitical objectives.

So, I think this in fact comes back to the big picture and the 800 pound gorilla in the living room. There is an Epic Contest going on over who is going to have the most influence in future multilateral institutions and practices.

But I could be wrong.

Let’s be transparent here and lump this cabal in with the nationalistically defined “old order” on their murderous rampage in Syria right about now.

– kk


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