The Criminal Negligence of Kings and Potentates

Stewart Patrick over at CFR is “kind of a big deal” in the global rule of law groupie world. When he writes I listen. He posted something today at CFR regarding the UN’s Security Council and I replied. I’ve copied that reply below:


Thanks for putting out matters of global rule of law for transparent public discussion.

You noted that:

“In the latest installment of the Internationalist Video Series, I explain how this furthers the revival of the world’s preeminent rights body, which replaced a discredited rights commission. Watch below for the five things you need to know about the reconstituted forum: … ”

I abide any support one can give the UN but, I am sorry to say, the UN is worse than the Articles of Confederation that the fomer colonies suffered under for some mercifully brief 10 years.

Human rights violators will act with impunity as long as we continue kicking this can, this global federation can, down that pathetic 1000 year-old road of mass human misery and suffering that kings and potentates cannot seem to competently address after such a long, long time working at it ad nausea.

In the management of human society future observers could well regard this as mass criminal negligence. Speaking of step-wise solutions that move us closer to genuine global rule of law is half-baked, weak and disingenuous in my unpopular opinion.

We need to pool our resources and support genuine, global rule of law under a federal design. Complaining that this is not realistic or cannot be done “so fast” is unimaginative and defeatist in my view. There certainly *are* creative ways that the highly heterogenous landscape of ideological belief and tradition can be bridged by clever systems of law and economics. Denying this and continuing to support piecemeal approaches such as those of the UN could likewise be viewed by future observers as criminal negligence.

I am weary of inaction and am thoroughly unconvinced that the “public is not ready for this” or any other such pablum. The purveyors of public myth have managed to demonize cigarette smokers so nastily one cannot deny that public persuasion for the need for global rule of law is in fact well within reach. It’s time to put the Machiavellian circus act into action.

Please stop apologizing and offer USG some serious, hard-hitting advice on how the general public can be prepared for this notion and how USG can lead an effort to bring the greatest minds in law and economics extant together to figure this out. Listen to me now, hear me later: the future of humanity absolutely depends on it.

My words are to encourage and inspire, not to disparage. Its up to people like you now, the people of CFR. We are counting on you.

– kk

  1. Wow. I guess you have no idea of the reality of the CFR. Unless, of course, as an atheist — you think a “final solution” is the “answer”. Are you a big advocate of genocide?? Or, do you just not realize anything about what global rule by an elite really means?? Do you not know the Rothschilds are not atheists?? They’re satanists.

  2. Hey 12 Star Truth,

    Wow. Are you stating that all atheists advocate genocide? I’m not sure what you mean by that comment.

    As for global rule by an elite, I do not advocate that. Rather, I advocate that any “ruling elite” be constitutionally subject to Right of Conquest by … The People. I think this is diametrically opposed to elitism.

    As far as I know the religious affiliations or beliefs of the Rothschild family is not material to my interests but I’d be glad to hear why you might think they are.

    – kk

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