Sexual boundaries: another public myth

42-17843858If I were a plotter seeking to control large populations through political, cultural and religious tom-foolery I’d be sure to have one key weapon in my tool bag: the ability to create behavioral boundaries that I know with almost total certainty large proportions of that population will cross. By doing so I exert control by something analogous to blackmail.

Human sexuality happens to be one of those innate, powerful biological urges that, should you put boundaries around it, many are certain to cross them. And for hundreds of years sexuality, or more precisely, sexual acts that constitute crossing boundaries, have been used time and again to blackmail and, if that doesn’t work, to publicly destroy people. Perhaps the most common manifestation of this tactic is with homosexuality: catch someone in the act and you can give them an incredible false choice involving doing whatever ugly thing it is that you want them to or accepting the public humiliation and scorn that you inculcated in the culture in the first place. See how this works? If you don’t, watch the movie The Crucible and observe how deftly the teenage girl uses religion and a common belief in witchcraft to manipulate the community to commit mass murder. The exact same thing is done with sexuality, though the acts don’t usually result in murder.

And traditionally this strategy was institutionalized for use by the elite by simply having the legislatures pass laws defining those boundaries (sodomy is illegal, for example). And these laws still linger for numerous sexual boundaries. And the scorn, disgust and cultural revulsion witnessed by the indoctrinated still thrives. The picture is completed when we realize that the traditional family unit and morality itself is also a public myth, which I’ve written on here and here.

But do a little research. There is virtually no sexual boundary that does not involve overt coercion or violence that is in and of itself harmful to the individuals or society by any objective measuring standard.  Read that again. Incest, intergenerational sex, homosexuality, polyamory, etc. None of it. That is not what you hear in the popular discourse, the media, the entertainment world or anywhere else other than academia and scientific research. That’s because it is another public myth that was so powerful, so unstoppable and so effective that it still lingers today. Kinda like religion.

Ignorance and superstition never quits. And now you are the illuminated.

– kk


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