What happens without global rule of law

From wikipedia we read an all-too familiar narrative of barbarism:

Homs is one of many cities in Syria where large anti-government demonstrations have been held, part of the wider 2011-2012 Syrian uprising. It has been referred to as the “Capital of the Revolution.” Thousands to tens of thousands gathered in the city’s main square (Liberty Square) on April 17–18 in a sit-in protesting the regime of current president Bashar al-Assad. At least 62 residents of Homs had been killed by government security forces or armed loyalists in the preceding days, and some army defectors estimated the toll was at least 300.[40]

Starting on May 6, the city has been under siege by the Syrian Army, security forces and pro-regime militias. The Syrian government claims it is targeting “armed gangs” and “terrorists” in the area. According to the Syrian opposition, Homs has since become a “blighted city,” where authorities regularly block deliveries of medicine, food and fuel to the inhabitants of certain districts. By June, there were near-daily confrontations between protesting residents and Syrian forces. As a result of these circumstances, there have been more deaths in Homs and its vicinity than other areas of Syria. Homs was the first Syrian city where images of al-Assad and his family were routinely torn down or defaced and the first place where Syrian forces used artillery during the uprising. The Center for Documenting Violations in Syria claims that at least 1,770 people have been killed in Homs since the uprising began.[41]

In February 2012 Syrian government forces carried out a major attack on Homs. This resulted in the deaths of over 700 inhabitants, including women and children, and led to widespread condemnation by world governments and various non-governmental organizations.[42] As of 21 February, these attacks were still ongoing.

When will the absence of global rule of law be realized for what it is?

– kk


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