Who do you want for Pres?

There was an interesting discussion on thinkatheist.com about who we all wanted for the next President. Once in a while you get a real gem of a reply and this was one of them. I thought it was great and wanted to share it with all of you. I think every American needs to read this post.

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Here it is:

Watching it from The Netherlands it strikes me that the politicians in America stopped listening to each other’s views and seeing any value in them, now they are just in a dogmatic screaming match as the American Empire crumbles under the weight of internal greed and corruption.

Obama : A liar. Failed to close Gitmo, failed to stop the use of torture, failed to stop the use of rendition, expanded the kidnapping of people, vastly expanded the use of extra judicial killings, made Bush’s attacks on the very fine US constitution look like small potatoes. Failed to pursue corrupt and reckless bankers through the courts, has left the CDS situation festering, failed to kill off zombie banks. Continued to help the rich get richer while doing nothing more than cosmetic changes to the situation of the poor. Extended the use of torture to his own citizens leads Harvard law professors to write a letter describing Obama as an “embarrassment”. His promotion of of laws to protect whistle blowers while at the same time harassing, arresting, imprisoning whistle blowers marks him out very clearly as a hypocrite. The list of international conventions and agreements that the USA is now absenting itself from or simply disregarding would need an entirely separate post. Under his rule the state security apparatus has been the big growth area in employment, about the only growth area.

Bachman : madder than a sack full of rabid weasels, a homophobic religous zealot who cannot see that her own husband is a raving arse bandit. My ten year old knows more about America and your laws and constitution then she does !

Gingrich : An amoral misogynist who has spent his entire life enriching himself and acting like the playground bully. Another hypocrite using “god fearing” as a vote getter, uggghhh ! Married three times and admitted to having an affair with his current wife while still married to the second, a serial adulterer, who conducted affairs with staffers while one wife was dying of cancer. He has been involved in several corruption scandals and his ties with Freddie Mac make him one of the key figures in the tornado of greed that has brought the worlds finances to its knees.

Rick Perry: As governor of Texas he presided over a state with the highest number of uninsured workers, a near doubling of the state’s budget deficit to nearly $30 billion while giving away some $700 million to businesses, many of whom he had links to or were campaign fun contributors. He passed a law making HPV vaccination compulsory for girls while owning shares in the vaccine makers and knowing that the drug trial results for the vaccines had covered up their ineffectiveness and safety concerns.

Jon Huntsman : A Mormon – are you freaking crazy ?

Ron Paul : At least this guys does have a brain, he knows your constitution and he looks like the only one who actually has a human heart beating in his chest, unfortunately his age would suggest that it may not beat long enough to see out a term. His warnings about the Patriot Act went ignored, his warnings about the wars went ignored. Perhaps his failing as far as americans are concerned is that he is often right, people really hate that.

All things considered given the choices available I think the next president will merely continue Americas slide, but I really do hope that at least America will get one who will keep the rate of slide to a minimum. Sadly I suspect that it is no longer the president or congress that matters, it is who the bankers and corporations want that counts. I reckon the net result will be further erosion of rights of protest, more criminalisation of any activity that might impact business income streams (thinking of Protect IP Act), increasing control of the media and more controls of freedom of movement (TSA checkpoints etc). Naturally I expect we will see another nation deamonised soon as it is clear that American forgiven policy requires an external bogie man, Iran is custom made for this role, so who the next president is they will ramp up the war talk.

In summary, you could stick Kermit the frog into the Whitehouse because it will make no difference, the American people may as well bend over, grab their ankles and have a tube of lube handy.

Nina van der Roos


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