U.S. Hegemony Moves to Asia

The CFR is today reporting that the U.S. will be re-orienting its military posture as the wars of the last decade “come to a close”; something I was not aware was happening. But if you know anything about who the people are who are discussing this, its a done deal and that is where USG foreign policy is almost certainly headed, in my narrow opinion, the 2012 Presidential Clown election notwithstanding.

This is a sad day for me. I am witnessing the slow motion decline of my country as the world’s greatest economic and military power. This re-orientation is, as is always the case with nations in decline, driven by economic reality: The U.S. can no longer spend like it used to. The size of the U.S. economy, ceteris paribus, is drawing downward as the PRC rises to global prominence.

And the New World Order described by George Bush, Senior – as opposed ot the conspiracy version – requires that we deal with the PRC directly, as they are the ringleader of resistance to this agenda. Leading a pack of resistance to U.S. and western global hegemony, China is the linchpin behind the ability of countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Brazil to buck the New World Order.

It is the economy of the PRC that allows these countries to withstand sanctions and harrassment from the west. The PRC provides both the production and the consumption to keep this small cabal of international resistance breathing … indeed, doing quite well. While the west is in economic decline, the “resistance” is doing surprisingly well and getting better economically. We’ll see where that goes.

I’ve posted the USG’s DoD Quadrennial Review that CFR is referencing, which is apparently the “cheaper” military USG is now going to build out.

– kk


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