A few summaries of decompression seeds

Here is a list of a few wacky tales that can be used to seed an adherent. I’ll develop each of these more fully with documenation on each so the deconverter can be familiar enough with them to relate the stories.

I’ll be putting up some 9/11 conspiracy memes tonight. The Fomenko stuff is already up.

Enjoy – kk

WHO bulletin number 47 1972 vaccine that created HIV in Africa, Rockefellers

In 1972, supported by the Rockefeller family and their pharmaceutical interests, the World Health Organization vaccinated millions of Africans with a small pox vaccine that the report noted had caused an immune deficiency disease which attacked and destroyed human T-cells. Most people in the know in the HIV research community know this, but it is not common knowledge. As with most dangerous vaccines, it is apparently the “adjuvant” used that produces the problems.

· China comments by CCP on influenza in United States

According to the defense secretary of the PRC, they intend to bleed the United States dry economically and technologically to “catch up” then murder the majority of Americans in “one fell swoop” with an unnamed but referenced biological weapon. The PRC and Russia, who follow the principle of overt rule, represent the opposition to the western elite who use deception and lies to rule. All modern geopolitics can be understood by understanding this basic bi-polar relation. The address given by the secretary was recorded in a leaked PRC document whose authenticity has been verified.

· Spanish Flu as a biological weapon in eugenics

During World War I U.S. soldiers were transported to Spain after receiving vaccinations for influenza in the United States. During training in Spain, they were exposed to toxins from the various chemical warfare training session they endured. These toxins in their bodies caused a mutation of harmless bird flu (to humans) into the worst known, lethal variant of bird flu ever isolated. This particular strain has a 95% death rate for those infected. The U.S. government recently sequenced the genome of that virus and “loaded” it with human DNA to make it human-specific. The reason for doing this is suspiciously unclear as it serves no valid purpose such as for creating a vaccine. The work was finished in 2008. The U.S. and many nations continue to tout influenza, a relatively harmless virus in natural form, as a deadly virus that could cause a pandemic. This is biologically false. Why the hype, unless they’re referring to a more deadly, publicly unacknowledged strain?

· eugenics by starvation by food scarcity

Depopulation advocates are routinely suggesting that food scarcity is a means of controlling and reducing population. They identify population growth as the biggest threat to humanities future. We at the GFS agree but disagree with the means of solving the problem. They also support abortion and family planning as another way to reduce global population. The numbers in Africa are beginning to show that the effort might be working as the death rate climbs and the birth rate falls.

· A.T. Fomenko historical chronology earliest history began 1053 CE

Human history chronology and dating is horribly riddled with errors and those in the Carbon 14 dating standards community know this and have admitted it. Their only solution is to quietly “fix it in place”, as to stop all dating now would cause chaos in academia as virtually all studies previously performed would be invalidated. Basically, all dating is now done by relative calibration, not absolute observation. In other words, Carbon 14 measurements are calibrated based on ages that are themselves in error and only assumed true on the basis of an arbitrary chronology called Scaligerian chronology. And other methods, such as denrochronology, don’t resolve the problem either. Basically, ancient dates in history are fantasy and human history as we know it didn’t start until around the 11th century. Fomenko confirms this by proving with celestial mechanics that known celestial events recorded in the past previously cited to confirm ancient dates in fact occurred in the middle ages, not the dates assumed. He was the first to do the complicated mathematics needed to verify this. And the observations when recorded could not have been hoaxes or random fantasy as actual observation is required to get a valid celestial observation. That is, all dates in antiquity can be proven by physics to have occurred in the middle ages. And it is no irony small irony that these studies of alternate chronologies all originate from Russia … the western elitists opposition. Further independent support of all this comes from the presence of nicotine and cocaine in Egyptian mummies, impossible unless the mummies lived in the middle ages. And iron tools and common practices in the architecture and engineering of stone pyramids around the globe also support much later dates for these pyramidal structures. The evidence is overwhelming, but such a radical paradigm shift will take years for the academic community to accept and absorb.

· False flag operations – USS Liberty – KAL 007 – POW/MIA in Soviet Union

According to the defense secretary of the PRC, they intend to bleed the United States dry then murder the majority of Americans in “one fell swoop” with a biological weapon. The PRC and Russia, who follow the principle of overt rule, represent the opposition to the western elite who use deception and lies to rule. All modern geopolitics can be understood by understanding this basic bi-polar alliance. Was the USS Liberty attacked under an agreement between Johnson and the Israelis? What would be the point? Was KAL 007 actually on an errand for the CIA? Declassified U.S. documents show that KAL 007 was indeed flying in a cooperative flight pattern with U.S. surveillance aircraft (the flights required coordination). Did the Soviets actually take survivors and imprison them in Soviet gulags? Odd details such as the conspicuous lack of bodies and passenger luggage amongst the tons of debris found, now confirmed lies from the Soviets regarding their recovery of black boxes, obvious tampering with the tapes on the black boxes, and newly released radar data on the controlled descent of KAL 007 down to Sakhalin, all suggest the possibility. Were U.S. military POW’s from WWII, the Korean war and the Vietnam war sent to the Soviet Union and put into gulags, never to be heard from again? According to the most recent report from the U.S. agency charged with resolving POW/MIA affairs, the answer is “yes”. But that only confirms that the U.S. government was lying for years and knew this to be true all along. Are the Israeli, British and American intelligence services actually creating a global network of Islamic terrorists to carry out acts of terrorism in order to blame Islamic interests for the attacks? The blatant answer is yes, but the extent of these false flag operations is still unclear. The 9/11 hijackers were clearly on the CIA payroll, but it isn’t clear what that actually means in terms of culpability. The facts surrounding 9/11 clearly demonstrate that considerable deception was underway, but it is still unclear what exactly it entailed.

· H1N1 virus hoax

Apparently, the H1N1 pandemic was a hoax but the motive is unclear. Two possibilities include pharmaceutical profiteering and insidious depopulaton efforts. Whatever the case, actions of the U.S. government in preparing for mass casualties in the United States during this “pandemic” indicate that most in the U.S. government believed the hoax, or at least the possibility of mass death in the Untied States, to be a real possibility.

· Climategate and IPCC additional evidence

The stolen emails from the East Anglia research institute were apparently just the initial dusting of snow before the avalanche. Not widely reported is the fact that virtually all of the “consensus” evidence supporting the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming (human caused global warming) agw) is now being proven fraudulent or so confounded as to be useless as more and more people begin to step forward with their information and testimony. As another giant paradigm shift, governments are unsure how to put this lie for which they have been caught red-handed to rest. Once again, by deception, elitists have been using this hoax to legitmate their aims of global government to the masses, claiming global rule of law is necessary to “save us” from global warming. This is the pattern we see in all the hoaxes and deceptions we currently know about. Evidence suggests it was the PRC that hacked the emails which were then disseminated globally from Russia. This is consistent with the bi-polar contest mentioned previously. One side wants to rule by force under multiple sovereignties and the other by a broader deception called “democracy” with a global sovereignty. Russian and Chinese resistance to this is then obvious once we understand that it is a war over the international concept of sovereignty itself.

· 1205 document

According to the defense secretary of the PRC, they intend to bleed the United States dry then murder the majority of Americans in “one fell swoop” with a biological weapon. The PRC and Russia, who follow the principle of overt rule, represent the opposition to the western elite who use deception and lies to rule. All modern geopolitics can be understood by understanding this basic bi-polar alliance. The POW issue in Vietnam is no more clearly shown than in the document, validated by U.S. government officials as an authentic KGB document, that states that 1205 U.S. POWs were being held in Vietnam at the time it was written. But this is some 700 or so more POWs than were ever repatriated or acknowledged publicly by Vietnam. The numbers may be exaggerated or inaccurate (disinformation by the DPRV intended for the KGB) but that some number of unacknowledged POWs were retained is highly likely.

· Kissinger’s cold war by brush war strategy

Few are aware of the architectural design of the Cold War put forth by Kissinger as a college paper and followed for decades by successive presidential administrations in the U.S. Interestingly, a tacit, unofficial agreement with the Soviet Union to follow this standard in the interest of avoiding the anarchy of nuclear war was obtained at some point. This design basically defined how the U.S. fought “brush wars” during the Cold War by framing them as conflicts for which neither side would win a clear victory. In other words, Kissinger suggested that thousands and thousands of U.S. servicemen and civilians would be killed to further this larger policy with little or no geopolitical gain for the United States other than to draw a line in the sand on Soviet influence around the world. But this also meant that this same “line” was drawn to check Amercian influence as well. It was the management of this “line” that was central to Kissinger’s idea. The line could move as a result of the vague outcomes of successive brush wars, but it couldn’t be crossed. The point is that had the American public known, for example, that the U.S. never intended to win in Vietnam, but only to manage this “line” that neither side could fully cross there would have been no support for that conflict. It was a deception required by the fact that the United States was a presumably “democratic” system, and its purpose was to gain the consent of the American public with a lie and by hiding the truth. This is what we mean by “democracy” being illusory; all U.S. policy, domestic and foreign, must function in a house of mirrors in order for the United States to function as a credible and effective government.

· Cloward-Piven strategy

Though much has been made of this by conservatives, it isn’t really all that shocking (read the actual paper) from a purely ideological perspective. But it does show that ideological extremists have no compunction about deception and lying. It is further evidence that the fundamental axiom of deception and lies in a “democracy” is widely known and accepted by those in the know. How can one claim to have the blessings of liberty and a democracy when their ability to make decisions about their representatives is based on false information? There is no such thing as a Democracy, as most Americans still believe. And any successful professional with extensive experience in leadership and executive roles knows that large groups of people are controlled and directed to an agenda by deception, not force or democracy as a pure construct.

· Leo Strauss

Here we have the conservative counterpart to Cloward-Piven strategy. The same can be said of it also. Comparing and contrasting Leo Strauss and Cloward-Piven is an informative exercise as it provides a window into the styles and methods typical of the two different ideological streams.

· Mossad hijack airplanes in India with box cutters

Why were Mossad agents using Arabic identities trying to board planes in India to hijack them and, using box cutters, take over the planes and crash them into targets? As you read more you’ll see that this was clearly a false flag operation. So, what was 9/11? It is unclear what 9/11 was all about, but it is a very suspicious event in light of the full body of evidence in the public domain.

· Does Al Qaeda exist

Was “Al-Qaeda” the name of a CIA computer database used by Osama Bin Laden and his handlers at the CIA during the Afghan war against the USSR? Apparently it was, and the name was seldom if ever referenced in the media before 9/11. And why would OBL then create a terrorist organization working against his employer and ally and name his organization after a CIA program? Maybe because he still is CIA? If so, what does that imply about the “war on terror”? Are your votes being manipulated? You be the judge after you “google” this stuff. Try starting with “Tim Osman”.


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